Bharat Tejwani, Finance

Tejwani_WPA teenager working at his family’s handbag and diamond stores in Hong Kong might seem like a plot line from an exotic movie, but it was Bharat Tejwani’s life growing up.

The junior finance major, who was born and raised in Hong Kong, was provided with a strong foundation in sales and operations. That foundation has served him well in his business education. After high school, he worked at an import-export firm with operations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but realized he was capable of achieving more. Hence, Tejwani decided to study at Pasco-Hernando State College and transferred to USF after earning his associate’s degree. Continue reading “Bharat Tejwani, Finance”

Carl “Trey” Steinhoff, Business economics

Steinhoff_WP (Erikas pick)One of the most important aspects of college life is what students do beyond the classroom, particularly as it relates to self discovery. That is especially true for economics major Carl “Trey” Steinhoff.  At USF, he began to discover new disciplines. He connected with people who thought differently.  He enjoyed challenging discourses that caused him to rethink his position on hot topics. He joined Free Thinkers at USF, a society that promotes reason and understanding through dialogue. Soon, he found himself exploring the arts and learning to paint.  He joined a student organization that aims to educate people about renewable energy sources. He began to play intramural athletics.

It might sound as if Steinhoff was “trying to find himself” — and perhaps he was. It all came together when he took a creativity and innovation course. He realized he could blend the foundational knowledge that start-ups need with the arts and a free thinkers mindset. He connected with faculty who explained what it takes to turn creative ideas into scalable ventures. Continue reading “Carl “Trey” Steinhoff, Business economics”

Dakota Whaley, Accounting

Whaley_WPDakota Whaley is naturally inclined to get involved and give back. When she came to USF, Whaley jumped into professional development organizations that helped her develop leadership skills.

As a freshman, Whaley was accepted into the Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program. She says the BBC professional development programs helped her think on her feet, be more outgoing, and think analytically. This year, she returned to the BBC as a lead mentor to help motivate this year’s freshman to get involved. She has remained committed to service, co-founding the Random Acts of Kindness student service group in the Business Honors Service Association, part of the Business Honors Program, and helping to lead the soup kitchen volunteer group within the organization. Continue reading “Dakota Whaley, Accounting”

Duy Nguyen, Management and Marketing with Supply Chain Concentration

Nguyen_WPAs a student leader helping international students acclimate to USF, Duy Nguyen understands how tough the transition process can be for students coming from other countries, as this is an experience he is very familiar with.

When he started his American journey three years ago, Nguyen says the experience was filled with awe. As a student leader with INTO, the pathway into USF for international students, he recalls that one of his favorite moments was planning a field day for the international students, getting to see remarkable teamwork as citizens from more than seven nationalities worked together to win a race. In over two years as a student leader, Nguyen has mentored more than 50 international students. Continue reading “Duy Nguyen, Management and Marketing with Supply Chain Concentration”

Gabriela Garcia Ortega, International Business

Garcia_WPAn active member of the invitation only Bulls Business Community and the Business Honors Program, Gabriela Garcia says she did not come to USF to simply get a degree, she came to transform herself into a professional who leaves her mark on the university, and make life better for herself and others in the process.

Garcia credits the BBC’s frequent networking opportunities and improve sessions for her understanding on how to work in a team and what it means to be a professional. A summer abroad experience with the Business Honors Program helped her better understand cultural differences and the importance of cultural literacy in international businesses. But the most important lesson she has learned, she says, is to say “yes” more often. Doing so has led her to leadership positions she never expected to hold. For the USF Residence Hall Association, she was a senator, director of programming, and then president, a position she currently holds. Garcia became a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and now serves as a member of its leadership team. These leadership roles have allowed her to meet the goal she set before she got here: to leave her mark on USF. Continue reading “Gabriela Garcia Ortega, International Business”

Harmelle Davis, Accounting and International Business

Davis_WPHarmelle Davis did not always want to become an accountant. However, when the Bahamian student took business classes in high school and excelled, her teacher encouraged her to enter a competition. As a result, Deloitte named her “Accounting Student of the Year” her senior year.

At USF, the 19-year-old double major has a 4.0 GPA, and she has already been a collegiate intern with Deloitte, serving as junior analyst for an audit of the Social Services Department in Nassau, Bahamas. She says working with the audit team taught her the importance of systems and processes. Davis plans to intern with the Big Four firm again this coming summer and eventually hopes to work in its financial analysis area. Continue reading “Harmelle Davis, Accounting and International Business”

John Lindsey, Accounting

Lindsey_WPProvost Scholars Program participant John Lindsey likes to challenge himself. Lindsey not only committed to graduate in three years, but plans to do so with honors and as an active and engaged student who does more than just study.

The USF Honors College student and Bulls Business Community resident is part of the Business Honors Program and studied abroad with the honors program in Florence, Italy. Additionally, he is involved in Beta Alpha Psi and four honor societies.

Lindsey, who has a 3.93 USF GPA, will graduate in December with two internships under his belt.  He recently finished an internship with Ernst & Young, working in the Big Four accounting firm’s assurance unit, where he helped with audit procedures, prepared client communications, and tested controls. Last summer, Lindsey served as an intern for Kawasumi Laboratories America, a medical device provider. There, he helped the firm’s controller with accounts receivable, prepared expense statements, and handled cash receipts. Continue reading “John Lindsey, Accounting”