Valeriia Koryttseva, Finance

Valeriia Korysttseva says her life was torn apart when her home country of Ukraine was invaded and bombings were reported near her hometown, located just 50 miles from the Russian border. She describes the stress of trying to focus on her finance studies in Tampa while seeing footage of dead bodies on the streets where she played kickball and hopscotch as a child.  At 19, Korysttseva found herself in America with little cash (her Ukrainian bank card was blocked), struggling with studies, fretting about her housing, and worrying about her family’s safety and survival overseas.  

“I was completely beside myself, and by myself,” she says, describing the turmoil and stress.

Koryttseva, who enjoys economics, mathematics, and logistics, said she feels that she can equip herself with the finance and management skills that can help rebuild the post-war Ukrainian economy.  She zealously tackled her studies, earning a 3.85 grade point average while also participating in extracurricular opportunities and internships. She participated in the development of a mathematical model for a Ukrainian logistics company that assessed and improved product transportation. She interned in General Electric’s corporate finance unit. She began to help a charity, Kharkiv-Phoenix, which supports Ukrainian hospitals.

Koryttseva was a member of Ukraine’s National Climbing Team, recognized as a master-level competitor. No such program existed locally, so Koryttseva started a sport-climbing club in 2021, a group that now boasts 100+ members. In 2022, she competed in the World Championship and World Cup on behalf of Ukraine. She also won gold and silver in the USA Climbing Southeastern Collegiate program.

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  1. Valeriia demonstrates the epitome of the student who can balance active academic experience with high levels of involvement outside of campus. Her noble accomplishments are making a huge difference in the community.

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