Joseph Adam, Accounting

Joseph Adam forWP
Like many students, Joseph Adam has heard countless words of wisdom from professors, employers, and business leaders. However, he stands by one adage in particular: “if we are not growing, we are dying.”

An international student from Jamaica, Adam has represented his country in equine show jumping and has trained with the country’s national squash team. There, he also got in the habit of volunteering, one which has continued throughout his USF career. Continue reading “Joseph Adam, Accounting”

Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems

SophiaBenjellounforWPSophia Benjelloun learned about risk-taking and struggle in business early from her father, who, in pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream, moved his family from Morocco to the United States when she was 9 years old.

On her way to becoming the first in her family to graduate college, the management information systems major is now following her own business dream: becoming a global information technology project manager. Continue reading “Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems”

Sarah Bolick, Accounting

Sarah BolickforWPFor many high schoolers, landing in the top 20 of the graduating class is a big accomplishment. But for Sarah Bolick, the top 20 students was the graduating class! Bolick, who was home-schooled until sixth grade, attended a very small, interactive high school and says that the transition to college – particularly one with 40,000+ students – was a bit frightening. But the Bulls Business Community tagline of “big university, small community” drew her to USF. She was able to live and learn with like-minded business majors and participate in programs that helped make the transition easier.

Bolick has become highly involved at USF. She is president of the nascent Accounting Society, an organization that seeks to create a sense of community for younger students interested in pursuing an accounting degree. She has also served as a corporate intern for the University Area Community Development Corporation, assisting the CEO for the agency that serves a poverty-stricken area near USF. Continue reading “Sarah Bolick, Accounting”

Cassandra Coolidge, International Business

CassandraWPAn orientation leader and Bulls Business Community mentor, Cassandra Coolidge has made giving back to USF a habit. As an incoming freshman from a town of just 5,500, Coolidge knew no one at USF until she moved into the BBC, an invitation-only program for high achieving incoming students. She discovered that USF has a strong sense of community – and she has since worked hard to pass a similar community spirit on to students who have followed.

As an orientation team leader, she connected with 150 students, answering their questions and calming their first-year jitters. Coolidge worked in a similar capacity in the BBC during her sophomore year. She mentored first-year students and shared her experiences with them. Continue reading “Cassandra Coolidge, International Business”

Bianca Echtler, Accounting and Finance

Although she is in just her second year at USF, accounting and finance student Bianca Echtler is already achieving one of her life goals this summer: an internship with top Wall Street finance firm Goldman Sachs.

After proving herself in the Goldman Sachs interview process, which had her competing against Ivy League students for internships, Echtler is eager to dive into the hyper-competitive finance world. However, she also pursues creative, philanthropic, and global experiences in addition to her numbers-heavy studies. Originally from Germany, Echtler has a passion for international culture, which she tapped into by serving as the event coordinator of the Chinese Cultural Festival hosted by the USF Honors College. She also participated in several community service activities, chief among them helping to raise $45,000 for Prevent Child Abuse America.  Continue reading “Bianca Echtler, Accounting and Finance”

Giampiero Fuentes, Finance

Giampiero FuentesforWPGiampiero Fuentes has lived in the United States for only the past five years, but he has learned English, started two businesses, hosted a local Spanish-language TV show, earned an associate’s degree, and started studying finance at USF.

And that’s just recently.

As a young man in Europe, he earned a degree in electronics and multi-media from La Scuola Arti e Mestieri Trevano, one of the most prestigious technical schools in Switzerland. Through traveling, he learned to speak French and German (in addition to the Italian and Spanish he already spoke fluently). While at school in Switzerland, he captained a league-winning soccer team in one of the top divisions in Europe for players under 18.  Continue reading “Giampiero Fuentes, Finance”

Francis Gelormini, Accounting

Francis Gelormini for WPAlthough Francis Gelormini has a near-perfect GPA, he is looking to define himself by more than just his academic success.

Dedicated to community service and leadership, he is a member of the Bulls Business Community where Gelormini serves as a mentor to numerous incoming freshman students. He also serves on the BBC’s Community Service Committee, which is responsible for constructing relationship-building service events for freshmen students. With his help and dedication, BBC residents participated in more community service events this year than in any previous years.  Continue reading “Francis Gelormini, Accounting”