Joseph Adam, Accounting

Joseph Adam forWP
Like many students, Joseph Adam has heard countless words of wisdom from professors, employers, and business leaders. However, he stands by one adage in particular: “if we are not growing, we are dying.”

An international student from Jamaica, Adam has represented his country in equine show jumping and has trained with the country’s national squash team. There, he also got in the habit of volunteering, one which has continued throughout his USF career. Continue reading “Joseph Adam, Accounting”

Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems

SophiaBenjellounforWPSophia Benjelloun learned about risk-taking and struggle in business early from her father, who, in pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream, moved his family from Morocco to the United States when she was 9 years old.

On her way to becoming the first in her family to graduate college, the management information systems major is now following her own business dream: becoming a global information technology project manager. Continue reading “Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems”

Sarah Bolick, Accounting

Sarah BolickforWPFor many high schoolers, landing in the top 20 of the graduating class is a big accomplishment. But for Sarah Bolick, the top 20 students was the graduating class! Bolick, who was home-schooled until sixth grade, attended a very small, interactive high school and says that the transition to college – particularly one with 40,000+ students – was a bit frightening. But the Bulls Business Community tagline of “big university, small community” drew her to USF. She was able to live and learn with like-minded business majors and participate in programs that helped make the transition easier.

Bolick has become highly involved at USF. She is president of the nascent Accounting Society, an organization that seeks to create a sense of community for younger students interested in pursuing an accounting degree. She has also served as a corporate intern for the University Area Community Development Corporation, assisting the CEO for the agency that serves a poverty-stricken area near USF. Continue reading “Sarah Bolick, Accounting”

Cassandra Coolidge, International Business

CassandraWPAn orientation leader and Bulls Business Community mentor, Cassandra Coolidge has made giving back to USF a habit. As an incoming freshman from a town of just 5,500, Coolidge knew no one at USF until she moved into the BBC, an invitation-only program for high achieving incoming students. She discovered that USF has a strong sense of community – and she has since worked hard to pass a similar community spirit on to students who have followed.

As an orientation team leader, she connected with 150 students, answering their questions and calming their first-year jitters. Coolidge worked in a similar capacity in the BBC during her sophomore year. She mentored first-year students and shared her experiences with them. Continue reading “Cassandra Coolidge, International Business”

Bianca Echtler, Accounting and Finance

Although she is in just her second year at USF, accounting and finance student Bianca Echtler is already achieving one of her life goals this summer: an internship with top Wall Street finance firm Goldman Sachs.

After proving herself in the Goldman Sachs interview process, which had her competing against Ivy League students for internships, Echtler is eager to dive into the hyper-competitive finance world. However, she also pursues creative, philanthropic, and global experiences in addition to her numbers-heavy studies. Originally from Germany, Echtler has a passion for international culture, which she tapped into by serving as the event coordinator of the Chinese Cultural Festival hosted by the USF Honors College. She also participated in several community service activities, chief among them helping to raise $45,000 for Prevent Child Abuse America.  Continue reading “Bianca Echtler, Accounting and Finance”

Giampiero Fuentes, Finance

Giampiero FuentesforWPGiampiero Fuentes has lived in the United States for only the past five years, but he has learned English, started two businesses, hosted a local Spanish-language TV show, earned an associate’s degree, and started studying finance at USF.

And that’s just recently.

As a young man in Europe, he earned a degree in electronics and multi-media from La Scuola Arti e Mestieri Trevano, one of the most prestigious technical schools in Switzerland. Through traveling, he learned to speak French and German (in addition to the Italian and Spanish he already spoke fluently). While at school in Switzerland, he captained a league-winning soccer team in one of the top divisions in Europe for players under 18.  Continue reading “Giampiero Fuentes, Finance”

Francis Gelormini, Accounting

Francis Gelormini for WPAlthough Francis Gelormini has a near-perfect GPA, he is looking to define himself by more than just his academic success.

Dedicated to community service and leadership, he is a member of the Bulls Business Community where Gelormini serves as a mentor to numerous incoming freshman students. He also serves on the BBC’s Community Service Committee, which is responsible for constructing relationship-building service events for freshmen students. With his help and dedication, BBC residents participated in more community service events this year than in any previous years.  Continue reading “Francis Gelormini, Accounting”

Marcos Gonzalez, Accounting and Economics

Marcos GonzalezWPFew students will see as much of the world in four years of college as Marcos Gonzalez did just this summer. Gonzalez spent part of the break in Italy, learning about international business alongside fellow Business Honors Program students. He spent time as an accounting intern in China before traveling to Texas to attend a national leadership program with a “Big Four” firm. He also spent part of it as a field worker in a North Carolina tomato field.

Gonzalez has worked in the tomato fields since he could carry a 30-pound bucket on his shoulders, spending nearly every weekend and evening alongside his father. His father taught him that education was the best preparation for a different life. Gonzalez studied hard, got involved in sports and clubs, and enrolled in college courses while still in high school. Continue reading “Marcos Gonzalez, Accounting and Economics”

Kayla Jacobson, Marketing

Kayla Jacobson forWPMarketing student Kayla Jacobson has managed to hold leadership positions in numerous student organizations and intern at three companies — all while moving forward with her plan to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in two years.

The determination that allowed Jacobson to earn an associate’s degree in high school has served her well during a busy two years at USF. She has been chosen for marketing internships with Florida Hospital Tampa, Greystone Healthcare, and Wish Farms, completing tasks such as editing documents, creating marketing campaigns, and planning events. Continue reading “Kayla Jacobson, Marketing”

Oumie Jallow, Accounting

OumieWPOumie Jallow came from a culture where many believe that women are inferior to men, but she never let that hold her back from pursuing her dreams – namely, getting an education abroad. Growing up in Gambia, Africa, Jallow wanted to study in the United States but was worried she would not be able to get financial aid.

But Jallow made it her goal to earn scholarships to finance her education, even though others told her that scholarship opportunities were few for international students – and that the competition was tough. She didn’t let the negative words dissuade her and she has received several scholarships through the College of Business, the USF Honors College, and the Florida/West Africa Linkage Institute. Continue reading “Oumie Jallow, Accounting”

José Jarquín, Marketing

JoseWPWhen José Jarquín evaluated his college options, part of the reason he chose USF was the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural cohort for the Business Honors Program. The program requires that students take rigorous courses, conduct research and write a thesis, and study abroad, in addition to spending two years in the Bulls Business Community. A native of Guatemala, he was excited about the opportunities this program would provide.

Jarquín participated in professional development workshops, took part in community service programs, and spent a summer with fellow BBC students on a study abroad program to Slovakia – all while holding down a part-time job. He did so well in the BBC that he was selected to serve as a mentor to new residents during his second year there and served as a resident assistant his third year. Despite the workload and course load, Jarquín never let his academic performance drop. Continue reading “José Jarquín, Marketing”

Katelyn Leal, Accounting and Economics

As a first-generation college student and American, Katelyn Leal knows firsthand the power of the American Dream. While economic hardship prevented her parents from realizing their entrepreneurial dreams, Leal hopes the business education and experiences she has gained at USF will enable her to achieve success as a forensic accountant. As a result, she decided to pursue a double major in accounting and economics with a minor in criminology.

Leal is dedicated to serving her community. Since high school she has volunteered for Relay For Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society, and has taken on leadership positions with Relay for Life at USF. She is also part of the society’s Luminaria Committee – her favorite committee – commemorating those who have succumbed to or are still living with cancer. Continue reading “Katelyn Leal, Accounting and Economics”

Michael Maurer, Management

Michael Maurer forWPMichael Maurer has a passion for viewing the world through photography, but living in Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and the United States expanded his world view beyond the area of his camera lens.

Living in three different cultures shaped Maurer into a more mature, cultured, and aware individual. Switzerland taught him the importance of staying efficient and disciplined, and laid-back Puerto Rico taught him the importance of possessing a human touch. Studying at USF has given him an understanding of the continental U.S. and its patriotism and hospitality. Continue reading “Michael Maurer, Management”

Jodi McFarlane, Marketing and Management

JodiMcFarlaneforWPEven with the intense academic schedule demanded by the Business Honors Program, two business majors, and a psychology minor, Jodi McFarlane is a highly engaged student.

McFarlane is a mentor for the Intercultural Student Leadership Conference. She is a resident assistant for the Bulls Business Community. She served as the marketing chair for Shekinah Glory student ministry. She volunteers for Advocates for World Health, a non-profit that delivers excess medical supplies to countries in need of assistance. Continue reading “Jodi McFarlane, Marketing and Management”

Harrison Milanian, Business Management

Harrison Milanian forWPHarrison Milanian has the drive to chase every one of his dreams, even if it takes him across the country in tennis shoes.

Last summer, he left Florida on foot to walk 3,200 miles to raise awareness of healthy living and connect with the community. Three months and five pairs of shoes later, Milanian ended up in California.

Before he dreamed of trekking cross-country, Milanian chased a very different vision. After winning a travel scholarship to visit the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Milanian was determined to become a chef. The first step: graduating culinary school. His next step: a degree in business in order to run his own restaurant.  He is moving forward at a brisk pace but he is clearly doing well.  Milanian has received dean’s list recognition every semester. Continue reading “Harrison Milanian, Business Management”

Thang Nguyen, Marketing

Thang Ryan NguyenforWPThang “Ryan” Nguyen has a story of courage and perseverance. Three years ago, when Nguyen moved to the United States from Vietnam, he couldn’t communicate well in English. Not letting the language hold him back, Nguyen offered to tutor his classmates in math and science – subjects in which he excelled – in exchange for English lessons.

Today, he pursues his goals with the same willpower and grit. The marketing major is a member of the Corporate Mentor Program and works part-time as an undergraduate assistant in the College of Business Marketing Department. He is also a member of USF’s National Student Advertising Competition team, a mix of mass communications and business students who work together to create an integrated marketing campaign for a national sponsor. The strenuous, year-long project requires students to conduct research, establish strategies, anticipate return on investment, determine creative, and pitch their campaign. Continue reading “Thang Nguyen, Marketing”

Shivam Patel, Finance

Shivam Patel WPAmerica’s best finance companies have their eyes on Shivam Patel.

Patel served as an intern with Goldman Sachs in New York City, where he processed data access reports for the investment banking firm and worked on projects for its Controller’s Technology Office. Patel was invited back for a second internship the following year. His second summer there, Patel interned at Goldman Sachs’ FICC Product Control Division, where he calculated profit and loss statements for traders, consolidated reports for executive managers, calculated daily balance sheet reports for the credit flow desk, and updated a compliance manual. Continue reading “Shivam Patel, Finance”

Natalie Pearson, Finance

Natalie Pearson forWPFrom day one, Natalie Pearson was determined to be involved at USF – and she has clearly done so.

She is a USF Ambassador, a founding member and officer for Gamma Phi Beta sorority, a leader in USF’s Panhellenic Council, and codirector of finance and outreach for Bulls Service Breaks. That list doesn’t include College of Business activities.

Such engagement isn’t new for Pearson, who was a well-rounded and highly engaged high school student. She also admits, however, that she wasn’t sure she was “ready” for college. She credits three business programs for a smooth transition: the Bulls Business Community, the Business Honors Program, and the Corporate Mentor Program. Continue reading “Natalie Pearson, Finance”

Brian Rohl, Finance and Accounting

Few students would drive seven hours round-trip for a chance at getting into a course often described as one of the most difficult at USF, but Brian Rohl did just that.

Working at LexisNexis in Boca Raton this past summer, he learned he had a good chance of acceptance into the Applied Securities Analysis program, a highly challenging course where students invest real money in the stock market. However, he was missing a prerequisite course. To ensure that he was considered for the program, he drove to the USF St. Petersburg campus several times that summer to complete the prerequisite class. Continue reading “Brian Rohl, Finance and Accounting”

Matthew Smalbach, Economics and Finance

Matthew SmalbachWPNot all heroes wear capes and tights. As president of the USF chapter of a Jewish social fraternity, Matthew Smalbach eliminated the chapter’s hazing culture, an achievement that led to his consideration for the 2013 Hank Nuwer’s Anti-Hazing Hero’s Award.

As Alpha Epsilon Pi president, Smalbach oversaw philanthropic and community service events and increased chapter membership by 300 percent. In 2013, Smalbach served as the chairman for an award-winning National Hazing Prevention Week. Continue reading “Matthew Smalbach, Economics and Finance”

Shelby Thomas, International Business

Shelby Thomas forWPThis past summer, Shelby Thomas received one of the most selective scholarships for undergraduate students worldwide as a Fulbright Summer Institute Scholar. She says she hopes her experiences live out her parents’ advice that “it’s not enough to say that you can represent yourself; represent the best that others have made you.”

Thomas’ scholarship allowed her to study at Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities in Wales for six weeks in 2013, one of just 50 students selected from the United States. She conducted a study of Welsh business patterns while representing the U.S. at government-sponsored events and activities, including making a presentation to ambassadors and government representatives. Continue reading “Shelby Thomas, International Business”

John Tuy, Accounting

JohnTuy forWPJohn Tuy says a Salvation Army social worker helped put him on the track to success.

Years ago, the social worker tutored Tuy, a 5-year-old Cambodian immigrant who did not speak English. Tuy was dealing with family turmoil, an international move, and a mom who worked two jobs. Tuy says the social worker did more than teach him basic English language skills: she taught him how to learn, how to ask for help, and that tenacity pays off. Continue reading “John Tuy, Accounting”

Vanessa Williams, Marketing

VanessaWilliamsforWPStudying in America’s 14th largest media market and living close to national and international firms was one of the main reasons Vanessa Williams chose to attend USF. The 21-year-old Allentown, Pa. native planned for internships to be part of her educational experience from day one.

Williams has spent three consecutive semesters as an intern with Raymond James, an investment banking, asset management, and financial services holding company. Today, she works with the marketing research and competitive intelligence team where she designs surveys, analyzes data, and presents her findings. In the two prior internships, she worked on social media campaigns, helped with search engine optimization efforts, and reworked a contact database used to distribute the company’s publications. Continue reading “Vanessa Williams, Marketing”

Jeannine Yawn, Marketing

Jeannine Yawn forWPWhile Jeannine Yawn doesn’t aspire to the typical accounting, finance, or management paths many of her classmates are pursuing, the marketing student says the College of Business and its honors program have prepared her excellently for her dream job in the fashion industry.

Yawn says she was unsure of herself when she arrived on campus but the Bulls Business Community’s improv sessions, networking events, and professional development programs gave her confidence and helped her build interpersonal skills. Continue reading “Jeannine Yawn, Marketing”

Ashley Young, Economics

Ashley Young forWPAshley Young hopes her passion for the environment, combined with a numbers-heavy economics degree, will help her steer corporate or government policy in a more sustainable direction.

Young, a transfer student to USF, let her environmental passion drive her during the three years she spent at Hillsborough Community College earning an associate degree. She founded a chapter of Students for the Environment and ran the club as president, planning a yearly Earth Day event and installing water bottle filling stations around campus to cut plastic waste. In addition, her active membership in Phi Theta Kappa earned her a nomination to the All USA Community College Academic Team, where she was selected as one of the top 20 community college students in the nation – and the top student in Florida. Continue reading “Ashley Young, Economics”

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