Giampiero Fuentes, Finance

Giampiero FuentesforWPGiampiero Fuentes has lived in the United States for only the past five years, but he has learned English, started two businesses, hosted a local Spanish-language TV show, earned an associate’s degree, and started studying finance at USF.

And that’s just recently.

As a young man in Europe, he earned a degree in electronics and multi-media from La Scuola Arti e Mestieri Trevano, one of the most prestigious technical schools in Switzerland. Through traveling, he learned to speak French and German (in addition to the Italian and Spanish he already spoke fluently). While at school in Switzerland, he captained a league-winning soccer team in one of the top divisions in Europe for players under 18. 

Today, Fuentes offers marketing and media services to multilingual companies nationwide and supervises a record label he launched in 2013. The entrepreneur is working toward a business degree because he aspires to work and travel worldwide, indicating that a solid understanding of financial principles will allow him to do so. He is clearly doing well in the major: he is a 4.0 student and a member of several honor societies, including Phi Theta Kappa, Golden Key, and Phi Kappa Phi.

27 Replies to “Giampiero Fuentes, Finance”

  1. Jampy is one of the most intelligent interesting and we’ll rounded people that I have ever met! I can think of no one better to represent any school! Amazing guy!

  2. All of the successes Jampy has already had in life showcase perfectly his work ethic and ambition. He is an extremely talented and charismatic individual who is destined for a bright future. He is well deserving of the honor of representing his school!

  3. Giampiero is not only a great and smart person, he is also a great ‘people’ person; these are just some of his great qualities that I know will bring him far in life. Buona fortuna Giampy, di sicuro sarai riconosciuto per tutti I tuoi talenti.

  4. Giampiero is a hardworking, intelligent person that is thoroughly deserving of this award. I cannot think of a more fitting person to represent the business school at USF. Forzaaaa nonno!

  5. I can’t think of someone that has worked so very hard and accomplished so much. Jampy has such a bright future ahead and would works so very hard at anything he does! Very talented young man.

  6. Giampiero is one of the brightest people I’ve meet at USF and I know a lot of people can say the same, not only is he very smart but also very charismatic and responsible student with his school, and family. He is also an amazing friend. This is why I believe he is the perfect person to represent the University Of South Florida. Best of luck Giampiero

  7. Ho letto una sintesi di ciò che hai fatto ed i risultati che hai ottenuto. Credo che i tuoi genitori non possono che essere orgogliosi di tali risultati. Considerato che conosco la mamma, estendo i complimenti anche a lei!

  8. Everyone who has posted their comment about Giampiero is all true. One thing they left out is he has a heart of gold. Not only would he make the best business man for the job, he would make things happen for the greater good because he cares.

  9. Un caro ragazzo, brillante e pieno d’iniziativa. il suo è un successo più che meritato e spero possa ancora compiere passi da gigante in questo suo interessante percorso

  10. Tanti auguri e i miei complimenti per te estesi ai tuoi genitori. Sei un ragazzo meraviglioso e meriti il meglio. Un grosso bacione e tanta fortuna!

  11. Giampiero is not only an excellent business customer of T-Mobile , but also an amazing individual that will go far in life! It’s been a pleasure knowing him and can always count on him for anything. He has a heart of gold and is one of the most professional friends I still keep in contact with. He absolutely deserves to win .

    Chris P.

  12. I have known Jampy for 5 years. He is far more remarkable than any other person I have known since. All my best wishes goes out to him and his indulgent self-righteousness. Stay in touch and see you and Daizio soon!!

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