Francis Gelormini, Accounting

Francis Gelormini for WPAlthough Francis Gelormini has a near-perfect GPA, he is looking to define himself by more than just his academic success.

Dedicated to community service and leadership, he is a member of the Bulls Business Community where Gelormini serves as a mentor to numerous incoming freshman students. He also serves on the BBC’s Community Service Committee, which is responsible for constructing relationship-building service events for freshmen students. With his help and dedication, BBC residents participated in more community service events this year than in any previous years. 

Part of the highly competitive Business Honors Program, Gelormini further demonstrated his leadership abilities in his elected role as the event coordinator for the inaugural Corporate Kilometers 5K. Gelormini was responsible for ensuring the event was and could continue to be executed professionally by future honors students.

Gelormini is also pursuing leadership development within Bulls Service Breaks. Gelormini seeks to embody the organization’s mission to lead participants to change their surroundings through their service. He helps develop experiences for fellow students who seek to use their spring break to volunteer.

This summer, Gelormini will serve as an intern for Verizon’s accounting department.

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