Jodi McFarlane, Marketing and Management

JodiMcFarlaneforWPEven with the intense academic schedule demanded by the Business Honors Program, two business majors, and a psychology minor, Jodi McFarlane is a highly engaged student.

McFarlane is a mentor for the Intercultural Student Leadership Conference. She is a resident assistant for the Bulls Business Community. She served as the marketing chair for Shekinah Glory student ministry. She volunteers for Advocates for World Health, a non-profit that delivers excess medical supplies to countries in need of assistance.

And she has put her marketing and management majors to the test as the director of the American Marketing Association’s “Saves Lives” campaign to raise awareness for organ donations. McFarlane led USF’s AMA chapter in a national intercollegiate competition in an effort to dispel myths and raise awareness for organ donation. Under her leadership, the USF AMA chapter placed in the top five nationally.

McFarlane hasn’t spent all of her time engaged in community service projects. She has served as an intern with Glass Doctor Tampa Bay, where she audited external advertising accounts and monitored campaign effectiveness. She also interned at Tech Data, working alongside the company’s public relations team to write news releases and prepare PR plans for the company’s executive vice president.

A member of the USF Honors College, McFarlane is working on a thesis that explores gender gaps in management.

12 Replies to “Jodi McFarlane, Marketing and Management”

  1. Exemplary. Note worthy and remarkable. 🙂
    She has and always will be a truly excellent and driven person.

  2. Jodi works hard in everything she does and is dedicated to all she engages in. I believe she should win this award not only because she is my sister but because of the love, passion and commitment she has once is involved in an activity.

  3. Jodi, you have proven that pursuing God leads to true excellence! Keep being an amazing role model for young people and “ambassador” for Jamaica.

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