Michael Maurer, Management

Michael Maurer forWPMichael Maurer has a passion for viewing the world through photography, but living in Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and the United States expanded his world view beyond the area of his camera lens.

Living in three different cultures shaped Maurer into a more mature, cultured, and aware individual. Switzerland taught him the importance of staying efficient and disciplined, and laid-back Puerto Rico taught him the importance of possessing a human touch. Studying at USF has given him an understanding of the continental U.S. and its patriotism and hospitality.

Maurer’s initiative and forward-thinking approach manifested itself at just 15 years old, when he contacted two concert and production companies to promote their events through social media platforms. He went on to build and administer an online community of 10,000 concert-goers for the companies. Further developing his love for photography and music, he started his own business as a freelance photographer, publishing work in Puerto Rican and Canadian magazines and newspapers and collaborating with international clients. He has continued his photography business in Tampa and returns to Puerto Rico to photograph live music events.

He has also maintained a 4.0 GPA in the Business Honors program. In addition, he is a fundraising coordinator for the USF Business Honors Service Association and has previously served as the communications director for USF’s Advertising Club.

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