Harrison Milanian, Business Management

Harrison Milanian forWPHarrison Milanian has the drive to chase every one of his dreams, even if it takes him across the country in tennis shoes.

Last summer, he left Florida on foot to walk 3,200 miles to raise awareness of healthy living and connect with the community. Three months and five pairs of shoes later, Milanian ended up in California.

Before he dreamed of trekking cross-country, Milanian chased a very different vision. After winning a travel scholarship to visit the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Milanian was determined to become a chef. The first step: graduating culinary school. His next step: a degree in business in order to run his own restaurant.  He is moving forward at a brisk pace but he is clearly doing well.  Milanian has received dean’s list recognition every semester.

While he prepares for the opportunity to own a restaurant, Milanian spends his time pursuing knowledge and education while sharing his learning experiences. For the past five years, Milanian has served as a summer and winter camp counselor at Central Florida Bible Camp where he aims to inspire high school students, and he recently presented his walking trip to a group of 200 high school students. Milanian recently went to Honduras to build homes in a poor community and plans to make a similar mission trip to India.

13 Replies to “Harrison Milanian, Business Management”

  1. Harrison is the most motivated young man I know. Watching him acheive is a facinating experience. Heis a fine Christian young man and stives to serve whereever he can

  2. Your amazing I know your sister Anna she’s like family to me that means your family! Go Harrison IMA tell people lots about you!

  3. Lets go harry aka Mowgli!!!! you are just an all around all-american! I would invest in you any day! Love you man!

  4. Harrison is a beautiful person both from the heart and on the surface. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Harrison comprehends within nanoseconds that he is up for any worthy challenge, he gives his all to a cause he believes in, and will always help others to achieve their goals. I am happy to know Harrison…a young man who has integrity, a positive attitude, and the drive to make the world a better place for all. Love you Harrison! Lorraine

  5. I have known Harrison for 22 years. What a man of character he has grown up to be! So very proud of him. Yes! He is remarkable! Love u doll.😊💖

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