Jeannine Yawn, Marketing

Jeannine Yawn forWPWhile Jeannine Yawn doesn’t aspire to the typical accounting, finance, or management paths many of her classmates are pursuing, the marketing student says the College of Business and its honors program have prepared her excellently for her dream job in the fashion industry.

Yawn says she was unsure of herself when she arrived on campus but the Bulls Business Community’s improv sessions, networking events, and professional development programs gave her confidence and helped her build interpersonal skills.

A volunteer experience at a fashion show helped her realize that she wanted to work in fashion. And with the advanced research courses as well as accounting, finance, and other business classes required in the Business Honors Program, Yawn knew she was well-prepared for the fast-paced industry.

A Business Honors Program study abroad experience gave her a glimpse into international business and helped her understand what skills she needed to work across teams and continents. Today, she is an intern at HSN, where she works with vendors, assists the celebrity apparel buying team, and deals with overseas suppliers daily.

Yawn’s business research focuses on consumer engagement in the fashion industry, examining social media and its effect on in-store and online sales. Her research will have an immediate, real-world impact on a local company, as she is conducting promotional experiments on its social media outlets. Yawn was awarded the Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Grant to fund her inquiry.

17 Replies to “Jeannine Yawn, Marketing”

  1. I coached Jeannine Yawn in high school and it was evident from a young age that she was a motivated, driven, responsible young lady with a dynamic personality. I am so proud of her! Cindy Brown

  2. I was one of Jeannine’s high school teachers and I knew, even then, that she would excel at whatever she chose to attempt in life.
    Congratulations, Jeannine! Love, Ms. Langgood

  3. Jeannine, we are so proud of you at Christian Home and Bible School! We knew you would do great things! Congratulations!
    Michele Baker

  4. Muy bien hecho, Señorita Yawn!!! Felicidades y ojalá que
    Dios abra muchas puertas para ti.
    Señora Guyton

  5. As president of Jeannine’s high school I well remember her friendly personality, academic ability and extracurricular involvement. Her potential to succeed was always evident. I am so proud of this alumnus. She will go far and be a productive part of society. Dr. James E. Moore

  6. Jeannine, we have always been so proud of your abilities both in and out of the classroom. Your attention to detail, willingness to do a job right, and your quest for knowledge will lead you towards an exciting career. Congratulations! Mom

  7. Early on we knew you were a go-getter with success in your future. We are very proud grandparents.

  8. I am an extraordinarily proud father in every respect of Jeannine. You never cease to amaze me and mom and I are so happy with all of your accomplishments.
    Great work!

  9. I have been friends with Jeannine since elementary and ever since then I have never met a person with more integrity, passion, and drive as Jeannine. She’s a naturally-born leader with more intellect than most people our age. I am so excited for where the future will take her and the contributions she will give to our generation. I look up to you so much and I am so happy and proud for all the hard work you have done!

  10. Jeannine is my older sister. Throughout my whole life she has guided me to be the best person I can be. Always giving the best advice and being here from me when I’ve needed it themost. Her work ethic is so amazing and she wants to succeed more than anything. Love you so much Jeannine!


  11. I have known Jeannine for years. She has always been a hard worker, alway polite and caring to others.

  12. Jeannine, You have grown up to be such a beautiful young woman! I wish for you all the good things this life has to offer. I did discover however that the website does allow me to vote more than once so I plan to blow it up!! Love You, The Man

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