Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems

SophiaBenjellounforWPSophia Benjelloun learned about risk-taking and struggle in business early from her father, who, in pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream, moved his family from Morocco to the United States when she was 9 years old.

On her way to becoming the first in her family to graduate college, the management information systems major is now following her own business dream: becoming a global information technology project manager.

While focusing on the studies that will allow her to achieve her business goals, Benjelloun remains dedicated to the community. As the student assistant for USF’s Corporate Mentor Program, Benjelloun manages program involvement projects and mentors students at Academy Prep Center, a school for underprivileged children. She is the director of information technology for USF’s International Business Board, where she recently helped plan the Fifth Annual Florida Student Summit, a free event for students to network and gain knowledge from speakers.

Studying abroad captures Benjelloun’s passions for traveling, exploring different cultures, and learning. She speaks five languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian. Thanks to the Melitta International Scholarship, Benjelloun studied global information systems in Florence, Italy, this past summer. Benjelloun is continuing her global education this summer at Infosys in India, a world leader in innovation, where she will study software engineering.

18 Replies to “Sophia Benjelloun, Management Information Systems”

  1. Congratulations Sophia! I knew you could do it, very proud of you and your success. Welcome to the club!

  2. Congrats Sophia, as a fellow MIS major I’m delighted to see a young gifted student make an impact.

  3. Hi! Sophia, Congratulations on your achievements !!! I came across your profile here on the LinkedIn professional network and would love to invite you to join my network connections. Regards 🙂 B. R. Patel

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