Demelza Hays, International Business

Demelza Hays was chosen as one of 15 of students – from more than 6,000 applicants – to receive the Critical Language Scholarship from the United States State Department.  Already fluent in Spanish, Hays will use the scholarship to study the Punjabi and Hindi languages abroad in India for two months this summer.

A statistics teaching assistant, Hays is the founder of Tamarindo Properties, LLC, a real estate company that invests in foreclosed homes and manages properties within the Tampa Bay area.

Hays, who hopes to become a foreign service officer for the U.S. Department of State, has served as an intern for U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor.  She is president of Club de Espanol at USF, which is comprised of roughly 250 members.  In partnership with the Spanish Language Department at USF, Hays created an on campus tutoring service free to all students.

21 Replies to “Demelza Hays, International Business”

  1. Demelza your write-up and video were excellent, you have worked very hard and it is obvious with all your academia achievements that you deserve to win. I am so proud of you and I know your mom would be also. Love Uncle Mac

  2. Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de conocer personalmente a Demelza, y sabemos que llegara muy lejos en el mundo de los negocios. Felicitaciones!!!
    Carlos Y Debora Pons

  3. Keep up the GREAT work Demelza! #1. We love you ALWAYS!!! #2 . We are VERY VERY PROUD of you and all of your accomplishments!! You GO GIRL!!!
    Set a great example for upcoming Joseph and Alexa. Set that bar high for yourself and you will go far. Keep up the great work and work hard, but PLAY harder!!!
    Your Mom is smiling down upon you and watching over you and I know your father must be proud of you as well. You make your Aunt Monica and Uncle Ian and Cousins Alexa and Joseph proud. CARPE DIEM!!! 🙂 LOVE, Uncle Ian and Aunt Monica and cousins…..The entire family is proud of you!!! 🙂

  4. Delmelza, se que has trabajado muy duro, he podido apreciar esto en la clase de SPn 3441. Pienso que tu mereces ganar
    Felicitaciones, estoy orgullosa de conoserte.


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