Hefgine Fils-Aime, Accounting

Coming to America from Haiti as a 14-year-old high school junior, Hefgine Fils-Aime’s first year in America was spent learning to speak English, attending high school classes taught in English, studying for the FCAT, and preparing to apply for college as a 16-year-old.  It was a tough year, one Fils-Aime points to when asked about accomplishments that she is most proud of.

Four years later, Fils-Aime is the recipient of several scholarships, has earned a very high GPA in USF’s rigorous accounting program, and, thanks to a Student Excellence Grant, has assisted USF faculty with research.  She was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, an invitation-only business honor society, as a junior. In addition, Fils-Aime is a member of two business student organizations, Beta Alpha Psi and Alpha Kappa Psi.  She has done all of this as a work-study student, working part-time in two USF departments: Africana Studies and Business Systems Reengineering Department.

Fils-Aime was one of just 25 students selected to attend the January 2011 Accounting Diversity Consortium at Wake Forest University and was also a participant in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Florida Leadership Adventure.  She has already been offered a summer internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers for this summer.  After graduation, she aims to begin her career with the firm, pursue a Master’s in Accountancy degree, and become a Certified Public Accountant.

77 Replies to “Hefgine Fils-Aime, Accounting”

    1. Congratulations Girl we’re all sure that u’ll make it, we’re proud of you and GOD will support u, keep it up that way.
      God bless u.

  1. Hefgine is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met! I can always rely on her and she is always very nice and friendly!

  2. Hefgine is someone special , I m so bless to have her as a friend, she s one of the nicest, strongest, intelligent individual I ever met:):):):):) Keep up the good work Hefgine

  3. I am so proud to have Hefgine as one of my closest friends. Always with a smile on her face, she is one of the most genuine persons I have ever met, and she always adopts a positive attitude even in the darkest moments. I am truly hoping her hard work pays and that she wins!

  4. Hefgine, I’m sure your mother would have been very proud of you. Where she presently is, in the heaven, she must be enjoying every second of it. Proud of you, Di. You are THE best!

  5. There is no one like my niece! It is a great pleasure to support her. She is such a good person.

    1. Congratulations Hefgine I am so proud of you, you are the best one for this competition. GooooooooooooooooooGooooooooooooo.
      We love you.

  6. Hefgine, although it has been a long time, I am happy to see you accomplishing your goals. I am proud to support you in all that you do and can’t wait to see what more the future has in store for you. God Bless you, and know that special angel (your mom) is smiling down on you.

  7. Di, I’m so proud of you cocotte, i wish ur mom could be there but where she is , she must enjoying every steps that ure making in this life. Go hun, conquer the world with pride of being Haitian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very happy for you. Well deserve. Cease the moment because it is yours and most important, keep up the good work.

  9. Je suis honoree et flattee d’etre une haitienne a cause de toi Hefgine Fils-aime. Merci de nous reprensenter positivement aux yeux de la communaute internationale. Merci encore..

  10. Hefgine is a dedicated and hard working individual who never gives up. She deserves all the scholarship and awards that she got and many more. She is also kind and affectionate and I am very proud to call her my friend…I hope she wins this, she truly deserves it!

  11. I have never met someone so dedicated and driven in my life. To start college at 16 is quite impressive specially when English is not your first language. She deserves the awards. I am honored to know you and I am really proud of you.

    1. Russel, Tati Wawa and I are very proud of you. We congratulate you and support you. keep on! Good luck Di!

  12. Bon succes Hefgine!! I just wanted to drop a line of love and support.You’re on the right track. Keep it that way!

  13. I’ ve seen you just one time and then I understood that you are a leader.

    I’ m very proud of you. Never give up.

    Do it for yourself, your family ( spcially for your mother) , for your country

    Congratulations and may God bless you

  14. Dee, I am so proud of you my love. You deserve to win the award. I just wish your mom was here to celebrate with you when you win. Just know she is watching over you with a smile. Wow! 🙂 love you and keep up the good work!

    We are not close at all, but I realy appreciate your effort to reach this level. I wish you more succes…

  16. Toutes mes félicitations Hefgine!

    Je suis sure que tu vas être un bon comptable. Sois courageuse , tu es plus proche du but.

  17. Hefgine I am so proud of you. Keep high the hard work and the spirit of your Mother. Congratulations and may God Bless You!!!!

  18. Di,
    tatie nan,tonton ruben ti tandolo et moi sommes tres fiers de toi.felicitations !nous ne t oublions pas dans nos prieres.

  19. Hi Hefgine,

    I’m really proud of you and… you have such an amazing talent, seriously….you are gifted! You’re a wonderful cousin. Congrats 🙂

    Love you -xxx-

  20. Hefgine worked for me as a Federal Work Study employee and I found her to be the most pleasant and hard working person ever in my employ. She has an outstanding work ethic needed to be a future leader. Hefgine’s life experiences make her a well rounded individual who thinks outside the box giving her better approach to problem solving and team work. I whole heartily support Hefgine as an outstanding professional future leader!

  21. Congratulations Hefgine! You have done many great things to get this far. Keep up the good work and good luck!

  22. Hefgine is a hard-working, diligent, and studious woman who continues to amaze me professionally, socially, and academically. She deserves this honor, hands down.

  23. Given the adversity that she has had to overcome at such a young age, Hefgine’s achievements are even more remarkable. She is certainly deserving to be named the “most remarkable under 25”.

    I am proud of you.


  24. Congratulations and God Bless. Keep up the good work. Your mother where she is in heaven is looking down on you and very proud of your good work. Praying for you.

    Love your aunty Jennifer, your cousins, Cecelia, Jamal and Leslie-Ann

  25. I’m confident that Hefgine Fils-Aimé is the most remarkable “Under 25 Honoree. Go Hefgine, congratulations.

  26. Felicitations Hefgine!
    Tu fais notre fierte et nous te sommes reconnaissants pour cela.
    Bonne continuation!!!

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