Jaime Mizrahi, Marketing and Economics

 Born in Venezuela, Jaime Mizrahi is a dual-degree student with a passion for research. For the last two years, he has worked as an assistant with Dr. Gumersindo Rodriguez, a former minister of economics for the Venezuelan government and chairman to the World Bank. Mizrahi’s contributions helped with the successful publication of two Venezuelan economics books. Currently, the two are working jointly on a project involving a benefit-cost analysis of government-financed education aids in oil production countries.

A dean’s list scholar since his arrival at USF, Mizrahi is a participant in the College of Business Corporate Mentor Program and National Honor Society, as well as many student groups.  He is involved with the International Business Board, Latin American Student Association, and the Jewish Center.

A marketing and economics double-major, who is also pursuing a minor in international business, Mizrahi spent a semester in Denmark in 2009, participating in an international exchange program. Outside of USF, he serves as a mentor advising students from Venezuela during their cultural and academic transition to the United States.

After graduation, Mizrahi plans to attend graduate school to continue his economics research.

56 Replies to “Jaime Mizrahi, Marketing and Economics”

  1. Jaime Mizrahi is an excellent student and deserves to be the most remarkable student in the 25 under 25.

  2. An outstanding and excellent Jewish and Latin American student with a passion for academic research.

  3. A very hard working person and well grounded individual tha deserves to be on the top of the top for all his achivements and his potential for a bright future.

  4. He completely deserves this as he has worked very arduously during his college years to get to where he is now. Jaime is the perfect candidate!

  5. Jaime Mizrahi is one of the best-rounded and intelligent young people I have ever met. His excellent academic achievements notwithstanding, he has also collaborated in the publication of two Venezuelan economic books and is engaged in developing a high achievement career in the field of economics. Besides, he is active in providing support to both the Latin American and Jewish communities.

  6. Jaime is such a great student and an amazing person. I believe he is an excellent human being and the best candidate among the 25.

  7. He is the most remarkable student, person, and friend that you will find at usf. He fits just perfectly the description of what you are looking for. I can assure you that he is going to be great in whatever he proposes himself to do! He is the ultimate business bull!

  8. A good friend and always available to help when asked. He should definitely win most outstanding student.

  9. He is a very smart boy.I am sure he will become an oustanding academic in the field of economics and managerial economics because he combines an excellent analytical brain with a broad view of human affairs.

  10. Siempre ha sido un buen estudiante, buen hijo, y una persona especial. Colabora con los demás y desde pequeño le ha gustado aprender y superarse.

  11. Jaime is a beautiful person, always ready to assist those in need!’s A guy with great values ​​and principles! I’m pretty sure you will succeed in everything in life is proposed! I wish you very many successes in your future!

  12. In a world full of “well educated” individuals, Mr. Mizrahi demonstrates an acute appreciation of the intricacies involved between theoretical and practical economics. His sensitivity and Due diligence as a researcher allow him to develop broad and sweeping perspectives, offering a unique view of an unstable and ever changing economic landscape.

    He is highly recommended!

    Cheers –


    Kipnis Studios


  13. Maira Castellon

    Congratulations on being nominated, I know you will be a success in whatever you attempt. No one has worked harder for this recognition than you have.

    Suerte Jaime

  14. Desde pequenio demostro interes por estudiar y siempre fue buen alumno, fuera del ambito escolar, Jaime siempre ha sido un muchacho muy dulce y carinioso, colaborador y dispuesto a ayudar y ha demostrado que lo que se propone lo logra aunque no sea sencillo.


  16. Jaime you a very dedicated student, committed on what you propose yourself. Congratulations on being nominated, wish you the best in your next step in life and hope you win.

  17. Jaime ha demostrado ser una excelente persona, buen estudiante y siempre se ha fijado metas a superar

  18. Jaime is a very well qualified student to be nominated for this prize not only for his academic achievements but also for his involvement in extra-curricular activities. I wish him all the success he deserves in his future endeavors.

  19. Es una persona inteligente, colaboradora y muy buen estudiante sigue asi para que puedas obtener tus logros

  20. Jaime, desde pequeño sobresaliò en su grupo y demostro que esta hecho para grandes cosas. exitos.

  21. Jaime is a sensitive boy with impeccable values​​!
    I’m sure you will get everything that is proposed in life and wish him every success in this new stage of life that is about to start.!!!!

  22. Jaime una vez mas has demostardo ser decidido con tus metas y logros y realmente nos orgullese que te encuentres compitiendo en ese status felicidades

  23. Jaime is the most remarkable person i known, is a young bright student who work hard for the things he want, he always helps those who needs him, I’m very proud of him.

  24. I have known Jaime Mizrahi for a long time. What distinguishes him, beyond his exceptional academic preparation, is an extraordinary capacity to conceptualize problems in ways that lead to original critical solutions for the benefice of everyone involved. He combines quickness and perceptiveness with detail and depth of analysis, invoking a wide range of critical concepts from an interdisciplinary perspective. Moreover, Jaime possesses a keen and inquisitive mind, a firm capacity to undertake meaningful tasks, and the drive and intellectual discipline to carry them out to completion. I recommend him without reservation. He is an outstanding member of the academic community and a person of uncommon integrity, and has a great deal to offer to this program.

  25. I am very happy that my vote goes on Jaime Mizrahi as he is intelligent, a good student and a nice person as nominated outstanding and amazing student, also he is a beautiful guy.

  26. Aprecio muchisimo la oportunidad de reconocer publicamente que conozco a Jaime, una admirable persona y con muchos deseos de surgir, así que voto fué para él
    Virginia Munoz

  27. Jaime deserves to win because he is a very hardworking person and dedicated researcher who also has a passion for involvement activities that help numerous communities.

  28. Jaime all the best luck you are a true champion when it come to leadership. keep doing well I know your gonna do great in the future!!! un abrazo GALAN!!!

  29. this is really an excellent student smart, brilliant on everything he do in his life nice to see you here am sure you will make it all the best

  30. Very honest person and a true friend, he is going to be a very successful person !!
    Best of luck to JULIUS

  31. Jaime, I wish you much success, you are a very special person and very intelligent, congratulations

  32. Jaime Mizrahi un Joven con mucho interes en sus estudio ,serio, responsable en todas sus obligaciones ,ejemplo para muchos otros por sus logros y excelente persona en lo personal ,no dudo en recomendarlo ampliamente

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