Jessica Barber, Finance

When Jessica Barber arrived at orientation before beginning her first classes at USF, students leading the session made it clear that involvement is the key to success.  Heeding their advice, Barber immersed herself in student organizations.  She joined the Building Council in her residence hall, working with her peers to plan events for residents.  She spent time honing her leadership skills and just a year later, was selected to serve as a resident assistant in the dorms.  She also began serving as an orientation team leader herself, helping USF’s newest Bulls become acclimated to campus and sharing the engagement messages that resonated with her a year before.

Today, Barber serves as a USF Ambassador, representing USF at presidential events, community programs, and other important events attended by national and international dignitaries. In the College of Business, Barber serves on the executive boards of several student organizations, including the International Business Board. She helped organize the highly successful Florida Student Summit on Global Business. 

Barber has served as an intern at UBS Financial, working directly with the Central Florida Complex Management team on financial problems that had worldwide implications, learning the importance of staying involved with the local community in order to remain connected with the world.

After graduation, Barber will move to Salt Lake City, Utah, to pursue a career in finance.

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