Ahad Khan, Accounting

Ahad Khan05forWPPassionate about accounting, Ahad Khan decided to start a student organization for lower-level accounting students that gave them an overview of the career opportunities in accounting and provided opportunities to give back outside of the classroom.

One of Khan’s most rewarding experiences at USF has been founding the Accounting Society. He has worked with School of Accountancy Interim Director Uday Murthy to ensure the group meshes with the goals of the school, and is mentoring the younger officers to ensure that the society continues to succeed after he graduates. He is also a member of accounting honor society Beta Alpha Psi.

His passion for accounting is evident: Khan is scheduled to graduate this fall and has his eyes set on USF’s King O’Neal Scholar designation, which is given to those who graduate with a 4.0 GPA .  He aims to earn this designation while juggling the demanding accounting coursework with tutoring gigs, leadership in student organizations, an accounting internship, and working as a student assistant in the provost’s office.

Outside of accounting, Khan has tutored for both USF Athletics and the Bulls Business Community and holds a level one tutoring certification. He also worked as a student assistant in the provost’s office, assisting the university’s top leaders.

180 Replies to “Ahad Khan, Accounting”

  1. Ahad is very intelligent, dedicated & sensible student I have found. I really wish him all the best for his future.

    Fahim Ibrahim

  2. Ahad is very intellectual and committed person,and also his determination is very countable for his best future and achievements.

    Wish you best of luck!!!

  3. I’ve found brilliant and exceptional personality in Ahad which is a requirement of any professional endeavour achievement. Our prayers are with you, Ahad.

    1. Thank you so much Asif Uncle for all your advice and encouragement throughout the years! I aim to put all your teachings to good use.

  4. Ahad has been a very hardworking student from childhood and very passionate about his goals.I wish him all the success he deserves in his career ahead. Good Luck Ahad.

    1. Thank you for all your support and guidance! I am definitely going to be needing them in the future!!

    1. Thank you so much Ahmed Uncle! I have always had you and phuppo to help and guide me which has definitely played a major part in this journey!

  5. You are already one of the best, you don’t need a ranking system at a university to tell you that. Best of luck from your dyslexic acronym brother university… FSU!

  6. Ahad Khan is a very ambitious, driven and confident person. He is hard working, diligent, and very confident in carrying out his responsibilities.

  7. Dearest Ahad my prayers and best wishes are with you….best of Luck. You have grown up to be such a promising student

  8. Ahad’s intellect and business acumen surpasses that of anyone I know. He is hands down the best candidate.

  9. Ahad possesses a unique set of academic and interpersonal skills which are key to the success of any young man in today’s world. One would find within his moral fibre and intellectual achievements the elements of leadership, determination and the motivation to succeed in his lifetime. At high school, he proved to be an exceptional student with a positive attitude and always exhibiting responsible behavior. His pursuit at USF has been a continuation of that and a manifestation of how students with a promising future develop and prosper. It is a pleasure to have known Ahad and worked with him on his transition to college.

    1. Mr. Dahhan! Thank you so much for these kind and thoughtful comments. It has been your advice and encouragement that has been an inspiration for me and has always guided me in my transition to college.

  10. You have always been the biggest inspiration and driving force in my life, sometimes even I am amazed by how you keep going,keep pushing through every obstacle. Your limitless determination has been truly the most wonderful thing I have ever witnessed. You’ve always taught me to respect others and to work hard,because thats what you do and it has taken you far. I hope it takes you further, best of luck Bhaiya, and thank you for being the best brother anybody could ask for. You deserve this and a lot more! 😀

  11. Dear Ahad,
    Well dedicated hard efforts. Keep up the more good work. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Best regards,
    Aftab Kamali.

  12. All the best for your upcoming results. Hope you make it to the next level and win the prize of most remarkable student. May your dream come true. Good luck to you!

    humi aunti

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