Kristina Crane, International Business

Kristina Crane10HERPREFERREDfor WPKristina Crane takes USF’s messages about excelling in the classroom, embracing diversity, the value of studying abroad and the importance of serving as an intern seriously.  Crane’s 3.96 GPA has earned her a regular spot on the Dean’s List and the USF Honors College student is a two-time intern.  She didn’t just take the easy route, though.  Her second internship was located halfway around the world.

She spent nearly three months as an intern at China’s Qingdao Tourism Bureau last summer.  There, she helped with various projects and was able to observe, first-hand, how relationship building skills and business practices differ across cultures.  Locally, Crane served as a legislative intern for Tampa City Councilman Lisa Montelione, where she helped prepare events, spoke with constituents, and provided administrative assistance.

Crane’s overseas internship was during her second visit to China; in 2011, she also spent six weeks overseas, learning about the emerging market’s customs, culture, and language.  These trips are beneficial from a cultural perspective, of course, but Crane is using the experiences to help her prepare her Honors College thesis, which compares the economic factors affecting the growth of the United States’ economy and China’s economy.  In addition, when competing in the 2012 College of Business Elevator Competition – which she won – Crane talked about her knowledge of China’s customs and how they play into Chinese consumer behavior.

On campus, Crane is a volunteer in the Chinese Language and Culture Club.   She is also very involved in Enactus.

20 Replies to “Kristina Crane, International Business”

  1. So many accomplishments to be proud of already and so many more in her future. What a student!!

  2. You are a beautiful young woman and I’m so happy to see you excel. So glad to be able to say “I knew her when…” Wishing you all the best and good luck here, you should win hands down. Hugs

  3. Kristina has been active in our community, helping with Adopt-A-Road, even after leaving for college. She was a fine house and cat sitter for us when we vacationed.

  4. Good Luck Kristina!!! Youre a smart and intelligent student who will go far with your life. Keep up the good work.

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