Yanin Nanakorn, Accounting and Advertising

Yanin Nanacorn05forwpRed Bull uses its “gives you wings” slogan to reference the energy boost that the drink provides consumers, but in Yanin Nanakorn’s case, Red Bull helped her career take flight.  As part of an 11-person student team charged with creating a sampling program for the energy drink, she discovered she got charged up when she saw marketing programs take off.  She also discovered that she loved client-side marketing and the strategizing that came with it.

Nanakorn, who has studied abroad twice, was able to discover what it was like to work agency-side, as she served as an intern for a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Sydney, Australia.  There, as an exchange student at Macquarie University, she assisted with a variety of tasks and was able to help the company’s national sales manager evaluate client needs.

Stateside, Nanakorn is a campus leader.  She has been an active member of the International Business Board, accounting honors organization Beta Alpha Psi, and the American Marketing Association.  As an AMA leader, she helped plan the group’s ScramBULL golf tournament and directed its street team for a project benefiting pediatric cancer research.  She says one of her favorite community service projects has been through Chi Omega Fraternity.  As the former director of career and professional development for the  sorority, she assisted with philanthropy projects for Make-A-Wish Foundation, where the group raised funds to grant wishes for three different children with life threatening illnesses.

24 Replies to “Yanin Nanakorn, Accounting and Advertising”

  1. My Sweetie Pie, I know you since you were born (almost). I knew then already that you would accomplish great things in your life. You are bright, you are driven and you are beautiful inside/out. You definitely deserve the title of the most accomplished young woman in your group. Congratulations! Your proud auntie.

  2. Since you were a young girl, I have known that you are a confident girl, attractive and intelligent. Now you can prove that you can do it. I and everyone is proud of you. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
    Pa Wan from Thailand/Udonthammanuson High School/Udon, Thailand

  3. Bua
    You are very good. I have read your profile and surprise . You are an intelligent, attractive woman. You can do it. Don’t you know that you are so wonderful and fantastic. GO …FIGHT…WIN….
    Pa Wan, from Udon, Thailand/Udonthammanuson High School , Udon, Thailand

  4. You are very good. Fantastic!!!! We are so proud of you my girl. Everyone is exciting. We are so proud and know that you are so wonderful…….YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!
    Pa Wan from Udon, Thailand

  5. Thank you for every voting for my niece. I am proud of my niece that she can get the high honor of USF. I think that all Thais may have the same impression like me. and I would like to invite everyone to vote for her. I fly from Thailand to USA. to her graduation day.
    Na Jim(Wanna, Thailand)

  6. Bua
    You are so fantastic. We are so proud of you. You can do it. GO ….FIGHT….WIN
    Pa Wan from udon, Thailand

  7. Luke Bua, I am very proud of you that you have accomplished your goal with double majors, Accounting and Advertising with horor at USF. In the past 4 years I knew you have not just only studied hard you also helping people. I am very glad that you are a good person with good heart, I love you

  8. I am very proud of u since u were a little girl, u always planed everythings for yr future,very well organize. I was very worry about u because u stayed abroad away from our country which nobody in our family could support u. So u have to stand by yr own and u could do it very well.Love u very much.

  9. You are wonderful and great Thai student who are study in USA . Your hobbies are fantastic you are very proud and do everything with a high confidence in your personality .you look a good relationship I think you will got a good work and got a good luck in your life .

  10. exceptionally bright, beautiful and a good heart young lady, with your superb quality and an enoumous drive to excell in your education and future career you will be very successful.

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