José Alvarez, Finance

Alvarez_WPVenezuelan native José Alvarez is determined to become an international investment banker. That decision led him to USF even though, he admits, he knew that it would not be an easy journey.

Alvarez understood the difficulty of becoming an investment banker, so he actively pursued internships each summer. In 2012, he interned with, a start-up retailer. In 2013, he participated in a rotational program at Banco Venezolano de Credito. And in 2014, he served as a campus ambassador for Bloomberg LP, introducing the Bloomberg Aptitude Test to USF.

Alvarez appreciated these internships but wanted to land a coveted spot at a Wall Street firm. He took a flight to New York City to meet with the only person he knew in the city, seeking advice and asking to build a mentoring relationship. Two months later, he was back in the Big Apple for a freshman project at Barclays investment bank, one of just 30 students selected from more than 300 applicants nationwide.

He knew the experience with Barclays could help him land another internship later on, though he didn’t realize just how competitive the industry could be. Alvarez cold-called 40+ investment bankers, and his persistence paid off. He took another self-funded trip to New York City to network and, by early spring, was invited to participate in two final round interviews at investment banks. Though he was one of just a few non-Ivy Leaguers at each day, Alvarez received an offer from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He will participate in the firm’s investment banking summer analyst class.

23 Replies to “José Alvarez, Finance”

  1. Jotin you deserve it, because you wirked hard for it instead all the political,economic and social situations we have in Venezuela.
    I´m proud of you, and I´m sure you will do a very good job in your banker summer analyst Class.
    Keepm going Dear Jotin

  2. Jotin you deserve it, because you worked hard for it instead all the political,economic and social situations we have in Venezuela.
    I´m proud of you, and I´m sure you will do a very good job in your banker summer analyst Class.
    Keep going Dear Jotin

  3. Que manera de levantarme tan feliz con esta gran noticia. Claro que ya vote por ti mi querido Jose Gustavo Morantes

  4. You have always been a remarkable student, one who is focused and an achiever. I believe in you, and your capacity to reach out and make it in whatever field you decide.It’s an immense pleasure to know that you are where you are presently and I am sure that this is truly only the beginning for you man. God Bless You always.

  5. José Alvarez has shown from a very early age to be a highly intelligent and driven person: Being only 18 months old he could recognize and pronounce all the numbers and high case letters.
    He excelled both in elementary and high school being always at the top of his class and was the second or third best mathematics student in Caracas in his second or third year of high school.
    Whenever he sets himself a goal he works strenuously to achieve it, which he normally gets.
    He has been active during the last few years in the MUN program and has participated in several social programs for the underprivileged during his high school years.

  6. Jotin, me uno a todas las felicitaciones que te han dado, te mereces todo el éxito del mundo, ya que con tu esfuerzo y constancia has logrado alcanzar todo lo que has querido. Te felicito por tu éxito y te deseo todo lo mejor para su futuro. Suerte !!!! y continua asi.

  7. YOU GO JOTIN!! Congrats!! Very proud of you. The sky is the limit. From what I recall, commitment, hard work, perseverance and excellence have been some of the many good attributes that define you. Besos

  8. Congratulations Jose. I am sure you will be an excellent professional. Always responsible and disciplined. Go for it!!!!

  9. Felicidades,te mereces eso y mucho mas por ser tan estudioso y responsable,te deseo todo mucho éxito.

  10. Felicitaciones …….!!!!!! Que gran orgullo …. Sigue así que la constancia y la lucha siempre triunfan

  11. Keep the enthusiastic and tenacious work you demonstrate you are doing. That will bring you to places that you really want to go ! Good luck.

  12. Querido J, Que orgullosa me siento de ver Tus logros alcanzados a lo largo de la vida. Nunca cambies, eres increible!!! Te deseo lo mejor. Te adoramos

  13. Congratulations Jose Agustin on a very well deserved honor. I wish you all the success in your internship and hope you win this award. You are a dedicated, focused, ambitious young man with a heart of gold!

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