Duane Driskell, Accounting

Duane Driskell

Although his family struggled financially growing up – his family of six lived in a two-bedroom apartment – Duane Driskell says he was determined  to overcome the adversity that comes with poverty.  And, thanks to his mother’s strong emphasis on school, he knew that it started with college.  So he worked hard in high school and was able to come to USF as part of the invitation-only Bulls Business Community.  He was also able to gain early admission to the business school and be part of the Business Honors Program, which means he will take extra research courses and requires him to earn high grades and complete as honors thesis.  The work is hard, but Driskell is determined to succeed.  

Driskell says that the choice to be part of these two groups has lead him to dream, introducing him to things he was completely naïve to before, such as  internships, study abroad opportunities, and the importance of networking.  

Since coming to USF, Driskell has participated in the six week study abroad program in Italy, had a one-on-one with business leader Jeff Vinik, enjoyed dinner with USF’s Board of Trustees, worked as an intern with USF Athletics, and served as a student assistant for the College of Mathematics and Statistics’ Urban Scholars Outreach program.

He has also landed a job as a student relationship officer at GTE Financial.  He handles account maintenance, loan origination, and financial literacy education projects that range from personal budgeting, credit awareness, and opportunities available to students.  

Driskell recently accepted a summer internship offer with Big Four accounting firm Deloitte a firm that, he admits, he had never heard of until a year ago.  But, Driskell says, now that he is aware of the opportunities out there for those who work hard, he is determined to make the most of them.

24 Replies to “Duane Driskell, Accounting”

  1. I am so proud of you Duane! Continue to work hard, stay humble & motivated in everything that you do. Love you dearly!

  2. So proud of you D! You truly embody the standards of hard work and dedication! Keep it up and always stay focused…

  3. I am very proud that he saw a vision for his life. He learned that he had the power to change things, he realized that it took efforts, he was and is still willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in life. Oh, yes and he listened to his mother and learned from her teaching and advice. I bid you God Speed and I speak a Blessing over your life that God grand you the desires of your heart make HIS FACE to shine on you and keep you, lead and guide you in Jesus Name. Now Go Get them!!!!!

  4. I’m so proud of you Duane, I pray that you continue to do great I know that your mother is so proud of you we love you and we support you love your cousin Latoya

  5. You are on to a better lifestyle. Networking to, now above the ☁. Hold on for the rest of your endeavors; and enjoy the ride. GREAT JOB!!!

  6. Duane,
    Keep on believing and achieving! Continue to trust in the Lord and lean not unto your end understanding.
    Love you…..your aunt, Leola

  7. I am sooooooooooo proud of my big bro Duane Driskell!!!!!! Keep doing your thing. You deserve EVERY great thing coming your way!!!!! Yaaaaaeeeee Go Dee Go Dee Go Dee!!! Love you tons!!!!!*** :-* :-* :-* :-*

  8. I ‘m Duane uncle, and I think if you know duane your love him.He is just a awesome young man! I’m so proud and such a honor to be his uncle.I’m so proud of him, and knew great things will come to him! Shoot for the stars big D!
    Your uncle Alvis Sr

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