Jacoobi Rodriguez, Accounting

Diego Jacoobi Rodriguez

Jacoobi Rodriguez kicked off his first semester at USF by becoming a part of the Bulls Business Community – and he immediately emerged himself into the business atmosphere. He was later selected to become a mentor in the BBC during his second year in the program.

A tour of one of the big four accounting firms was all it took for Rodriguez to know he wanted to pursue an accounting career. He visited Deloitte in Tampa his freshman year and networked with professionals who gave him insight into an accounting career, which motivated him to be the involved and motivated student he is today.

Rodriguez demonstrated excellence in the accounting program by maintaining a 4.0 grade point during the summer semester, which led him to become a part of Beta Alpha Psi, a nationally top performing accounting honors fraternity. Within his first semester of candidacy, he was selected to be a part of the fraternity’s Golf Tournament Committee, where he helped the organization reach a record fundraising goal.

Rodriguez works hard to maintain a 3.75 accounting grade point average while also being an active member in Beta Alpha Psi. His continuous hard work helped him to land a forensic accounting internship with Oscher Consulting, P.A., which has also contributed to improving his professional development.

37 Replies to “Jacoobi Rodriguez, Accounting”

  1. I’m so proud of you Jacoobi! All of your hard work is paying off and I’m so glad that you have won this award because you truly deserve it! Congratulations and GOODLUCK in this competition!

  2. Felicitationes es a Jacobi y Mili!! Un gran logro y le deseo un futuro muy brillante. Qué orgullo para la familia

  3. Jacoobi we are so very proud of you and wish you continued success and growth in your chosen career path! Congratulations and love from Cayman!

  4. Eres el orgullo de tu hefmosa familia! Un ejemplo de muchacho! mucha suerte y para adelante Jacoobi!

  5. Go for it Jacoobi.. I dont know you very well but becoming from a great family and spe ially a magnificent mom, Im sure you’re going to make it. Good luck!!

  6. You are the best!!! Te mereces todos los éxitos y triunfos, por tu esfuerzo , sacrificio y dedicación, felicitaciones Jacoobi

  7. I could not think of a more deserving candidate for this award than Jacobi! He is an intelligent, hardworking young man with a very bright future!

  8. I could not think of a more deserving candidate for this award than Jacobi! He is an intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking young man with a bright future!

  9. Jacobi is very deserving of this award. He is a hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated young man with a very bright future!

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