Mark Zakota, Accounting

Mark Zakota

Originally from Hungary, a country that only recently became democratic, Mark Zakota grew up with limited opportunities.

After visiting Florida with his family in 2006, he realized the immense opportunities that the U.S. had to offer. Since that moment, his goal was to move to Florida. He saw academics as the tool to accomplish it.

Zakota completed his IB Diploma in Hungary and scored above the 99th percentile worldwide. His countless efforts and rigorous study schedule paid off as he was accepted to the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, one of the top 10 business schools in Europe.

In Copenhagen, up to 48 hour exams are common and Zakota’s dedication was put to the test as he still aimed to reach his goal to move to Florida. After three years in Denmark, his dream came true when the Zakota family was given the opportunity to move to the U.S..

Since coming to USF, Zakota has excelled academically and professionally. He has maintained a 4.0 USF GPA, being the only student out of more than 350 in Professor Jennifer Cainas’ Principles of Accounting class to score an A+. Under his direct supervision as senior executive of recording operations for Beta Alpha Psi, members of the accounting honor society will complete over 400 hours of community service with organizations such as Feeding America and Metropolitan Ministries.

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