Jean-Christian Meiller, Accounting

Jean-Christian Meiller’s potential in his academic work plays just a partial role in the overall passion he carries as a young student. With a drive for learning, sharpness of intellect and ability to lead, he has exceeded expectations across his professional development process.

Throughout the community, Meiller has participated in several projects, including being the kickboxing coach and president of Combat Sports Club, which he took over and brought back from being shut down. There, he has led both the executive board and boxing team to success, and has gained leadership and team-building experience. Meiller also is a member of the honors accounting organization Beta Alpha Psi.

With an overall grade-point average of 3.83 as an accounting student, Meiller has been granted several scholarships, including the National Association of Industry and Parks Award, USF Scholars Award and Florida Bright Futures. His ability to comprehend what enhancements can be made and act upon them landed him the position as the marketing chairman for USF’s Globull Ambassador Program. Since his freshman year, Meiller has volunteered for Junior Achievement, where he’s taught first and second graders about business and how it affects them on a personal and a community level.

Working as an accounting intern at the Orlando Utilities Commission, as well as being an administrative assistant/social media marketer at the Learning Center of Dr. Phillips, has shown him a career path he envisions for himself, which is to begin in public accounting and eventually become a forensic accountant for the FBI.

20 Replies to “Jean-Christian Meiller, Accounting”

  1. Jean- Christian Meiller not only demonstrates leadership in academics and athletics, but also in his passion toward fighting for a cure for Tyoe 1 Diabetes. He participated in two global clinical trials for new to market long lasting insulin and is an ambassador for advocacy for Type 1 and kicked off the Walk Toward a Cure in Orlando, Florida.
    He is a role model for young children and coached basketball for five seasons at the Dr. Phillips YMCA, building teams with strong values.

  2. Congratulations J.C.
    I am so proud to be part of your family circle and I know you are worth every ounce of the publication and more.
    Love you.
    Anne-marie B.

  3. This is a young man who clearly displays strong work ethic, discipline, and a positive attitude. I am very proud to see him develop these strong characteristics through the years and know they will take him far.

  4. Jc’ s a really nice guy and hard worker. We’ve spoken about The Muma college and I’ve also attended the kickboxing which was fun.

  5. Jc’s a nice guy and hard worker. We’ve spoken about the Muma College of business and I also have attended the kickboxing with him which was fun! Congrats

  6. Jean-Christian Meiller has always demonstrated resilience, dedication, and determination to work hard and make a difference. Jean-Christian is focused and committed to any endeavor he takes on. We look forward to watching him make a difference as an ambassador for Type 1 diabetics and as a role model and leader for young people.

  7. Jean-Christian Meiller has always struck me as a pleasant, focused and hard working young man. Over the years JC has taken on many jobs and tasks for me and has performed them efficiently and professionally. His easy going manner and attention to detail leaves no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in any endeavor he chooses.

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