Lindsey Schiller, Marketing/Management

Community involvement isn’t just another requirement to check off for Lindsey Schiller. Even while maintaining her grades, completing internships and participating in student organizations, Schiller makes time to give back to the community, volunteering for organizations such as Relay for Life and the Humane Society.

Going the extra mile is something Schiller does with every aspect of her academic life. She is highly involved with the American Marketing Association (USF-AMA) and has worked her way up to her role as director of communications and brand manager, where she works on initiatives to increase new member retention rate and manages the organization’s social media.

She’s also combined her professional skills and attitude of giving back by becoming a leader of multiple service projects for USF-AMA, such as working with Be the Match to increase the number of people on their National Bone Marrow Registry as well as increasing local awareness of Big Cat Rescue and their mission.  

As a freshman, Schiller joined the Bulls Business Community, where she developed professional and leadership skills. In her second year, she became a mentor to first-year students and was elected as the professional development chair. In that role, she organized and planned innovative programs such as its annual Dress for Success fashion show.

She is a natural leader whose motivation has created a foundation for success in the marketing field and has already helped her complete two internships with MOSI and PGT Industries.

21 Replies to “Lindsey Schiller, Marketing/Management”

  1. Lindsey is the definition of self-motivation, determination, and professionalism. These qualities combined with her can-do attitude and inherent talent for business make her stand out as Most Remarkable.

  2. Lindsay is highly motivated and always looks to take on more responsibilities. She is a leader and mentor. I am looking for awesome things from Lindsay. Good luck.

  3. Lindsay is an amazing well-rounded, young adult. I know she will go far on whatever path he chooses.

  4. Lindsey has the drive and determination to succeed in anything she sets her mind to. She has passion and drive that surpasses her peers.

  5. I have watched Lindsey grow into an accomplished, motivated and hard-working young woman. I have much admiration for her — she exemplifies and models for her peers so many fine qualities.

  6. Lindsey- you have a very impressive resume for such a young lady! Keep up the good work. Continue to pursue your dreams and goals- you’ll get them all!

  7. Lindsey is an amazing young woman, she has the drive, motivation and passion to go far in life!

  8. Lindsey you are my kind, determined, amazing daughter! You have accomplished so much and have earned every honor. Your family is so very proud of you. You Will Succeed and You Are Remarkable!!

  9. Lindsey is an excellent worker and professional. She is eager to learn new tasks and provides high quality work.

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