Luis Duque, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Luis Duque’s mother relocated his family from Colombia with the hope of a better life for herself and her son. However, with her consistently changing jobs, it was hard for Duque to be able to call any place his home.

With only temporary friendships and no role models, Duque had little interest in school and it wasn’t until after high school, Duque decided to begin his journey to further his education at Hillsborough Community College. His life-changing moment came when he woke up one morning in his car, homeless. It was then, he formulated the goals that he now is on the verge of achieving.

He received his associate’s degree and transferred to USF, where he was accepted into the USF Corporate Mentor Program. He excelled and will graduate in 2017 with a grade-point average of 3.57.

His involvement with the Information Systems & Decision Sciences Department got him  twice selected for a social media analytics research project with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He now works as a data consultant and a social media analyst for Enterprise Media in the monitoring department. Currently, he helps mentor new ISDS Bank of America interns.

Duque’s hard work and dedication has not only helped him excel at a young age but has also given him the platform to keep succeeding and reaching new goals.

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