Marcello Fonseca, Finance

By the time he was 18, Marcello Fonseca had already been working in Brazil’s financial markets for over a year and was managing more than $10 million in investments for his clients. But as the country’s economy soured and plunged Brazil into its largest economic crisis in history, Fonseca made the difficult decision to leave his home and family in Rio de Janeiro and come to the United States to pursue better opportunities for his education, career and personal growth.

Since enrolling at USF, Fonseca’s involvement has been nothing short of impressive. The finance and economics student currently serves as president of USF’s Entrepreneurship Club, chief financial officer of the Brazilian Student Association and is a member of the Student Finance Association, the Corporate Mentor Program and the Honors College. Additionally, he is an administrative student assistant for the Student Affairs Shared Services Center where he manages the accounts for eight departments at USF, adding up to more than $15 million a month.

Fonseca is also the recipient of the Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship and an Honors College scholarship for his outstanding academic performance.

Fonseca is a passionate volunteer who has participated in every Stampede of Service since his first semester at USF, provided labor for Sweetwater Organic Farm and helped to feed the homeless in a dignifying manner at Trinity Cafe.

29 Replies to “Marcello Fonseca, Finance”

  1. Marcelo sempre correu atrás dos seus objetivos, desde muito jovem focou naquilo que sempre se interessou para a formação dele. É um jovem inteligente, culto e que sempre se esforça pra dar o seu melhor.Parabéns pra ele, um exemplo.

  2. Marcello is an intelligent guy. He is a good student and he will have a great future. I don’t guess. I know it !!!

  3. Parabéns Marcelo. Sou amigo do seu pai da época do basquete. Grandes abraço e sucesso. Salvatore.

  4. Parabéns Marcelo!

    Continue seguindo seus objetivos com perseverança, esse é o caminho.

    O que você está conquistando é seu patrimônio pessoal do futuro.

    Um abraço

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