Bisma Balouch, Finance and Business Analytics & Information Systems

Bisma Balouch is the first in her family to get an education abroad as she hopes to build a successful career and make her family in Pakistan proud. Balouch believes that being part of the community is essential for personal and professional growth. Her involvement with Bulls Service Break is among the best memories she has at USF. She says that experience opened her eyes to the importance of selfless community work and helping other people less fortunate.

Balouch has an overall GPA of 3.7 and will graduate in May 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and business analytics and information systems. Working with the USF Center for Civic and Leadership Engagement, she dedicates herself to raising awareness about social issues and injustices through education, service and cultural exchange while empowering students to become catalysts for positive social change.

She currently serves as a Trip Educator for the Minority Empowerment and Refugee Rights Trip, which works with the Friends of Refugees organization in Atlanta. She coordinates all educational aspects of the trip and she engages students in critical conversations about minority and refugee populations. She continues to engage in opportunities that allow her to build leadership skills through service to others.

She is member of the Muma College of Business Corporate Mentor Program and is the treasurer for Enactus at USF, where she evaluates financial decisions and  documents purchase request forms. She manages to do all these things and keep her grades up while working 20 hours a week at a restaurant on campus.

A native of Pakistan, Balouch hopes to achieve her dream of bridging the educational gender gap in her country.

13 Replies to “Bisma Balouch, Finance and Business Analytics & Information Systems”

  1. You very well deserve this congrats for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your success.

  2. Wooow Congratulations my Sweet Sweet Bhanji… keep it up you very well Deserved this congrats May God Bless you.

  3. We are proud of the young people like you from Pakistan .I hope and pray for your best .One day you will achieve all of your goals .Best of luck.

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