Christine Cazeau, Marketing

Christine Cazeau is in her final year at USF and is a marketing development intern at Raymond James. But her goal is not to own mega mansions and private airplanes. She wants to start a nonprofit that helps the homeless by not just feeding them, but by aiding them in returning to school or entering the workforce.

This desire comes from her work with the Black Student Union in which she helps feed nearly 400 homeless people weekly. A little boy named Yusuf, who she keeps in touch with regularly, is among those she has helped. Cazeau will graduate in May with an overall GPA of 3.8 and, in spite of a heavy load of internships and extracurricular activities, she has been on the dean’s list for four consecutive semesters.

Starting as a nursing major, Cazeau soon realized her passions were elsewhere and found her niche in marketing. She serves as the marketing director for Alpha Kappa Psi and is the public relations contact for the Black Student Union. She also is a USF Student Government senator where she enhanced career advising for the dean’s office.

She is involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, USF’s Honors College and the marketing mentorship program. She is a recipient of the USF Alumni Association Honors and Ethics Scholarship. She is also trilingual in English, French and Creole.

22 Replies to “Christine Cazeau, Marketing”

  1. This young lady is amazing A standout candidate. Very warm and personable. Her future is bright and she will go far in life.

  2. Christine has excelled at everything she does. I am truly inspired by her and the passion that she has to give back to her community. Way to go Christine!!

    May the Lord continue to let His countenance shine upon you!!!

  3. Christine is a remarkable young woman and she is strong, courageous and so kind-hearted. She has a big passion for giving back and helping everyone and anyone she can! So proud of you girly! 💗🎉 Keep working in God’s favor!!

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