Brittany Junkins, Business Advertising

IMG_6282Brittany Junkins is heavily involved in off-campus activities. She has cleaned enclosures at the Tampa Big Cat rescue, cooked and served dinners to people affected by cancer at Hope Lodge, helped feed the homeless at Metropolitan Ministries and served breakfast to residents of the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital. Through all of that, she has maintained her self-imposed, high-achieving academic goals.

Junkins is set to graduate in May 2021 and has maintained a grade-point average of 3.97 in her dual-degree program that will award her degrees in advertising and business. She is enrolled in the Zimmerman Advertising Program and has been a member of the Bulls Business Community and the Bulls Business Network as well as the USF Honors College. She also serves as co-chair of the Honors College Student Council Marketing Committee.

She has served as a graphic design intern since August 2018 for the College of the Arts and is a freelance writer for OneClass Blog. She also was a marketing intern for the USF Student Affairs and Success Office, where she executed creative marketing approaches, coordinated marketing research and assisted with project management.

As part of the Bulls Business Community and the ZAP program, she has participated in countless opportunities including company tours, networking chances with influential professionals and even a study-abroad opportunity in Europe.  In the BBC, she became a mentor for students in that program and ZAP, where she not only is a role model but also a leader students can turn to and depend on to help them with obstacles they may face in class, elsewhere on campus or in their everyday lives.

20 Replies to “Brittany Junkins, Business Advertising”

  1. Brittany has been an ideal student and a great mentor. She is hard working and determined. She definitely deserves this!

  2. I’ve known Brittant Junkins since I came to Usf and I can say that she is honestly the most genuine, loving and respectful person I’ve ever met. There has never been a time when seeing her hasnt brightened my day. She’s also very committed to helping people and being proactive in the community.

  3. A very remarkable person. Has always been someone who achieved anything she put her mind to. Very deserving.

  4. Brittany is an amazing person!! She’s incredibly smart, driven, articulate and has a sincere heart for others. She’s already a leader in her life, but deserves to be recognized for that by being chosen as one of the 25 Under 25!!

  5. Brittany is one truly amazing person. She’s smart and funny. She is also really good with people. She’s an amazing leader and role model. I have looked up to her all my life.! She deserves this !!!

  6. I don’t know that I have the words to describe Brittany Junkins. She is hard-working, brilliant and beautiful. I am so extremely proud of her and know that she will go far. Look out Ashley, she will be catching up. So proud to be her grandmother!!

  7. Brittany is a very hard working and determined young person. She is smart, talented, self-motivating, and she has a big heart for others. Those qualities make her a great leader!

  8. I’ve known Brittany for most of my life and I’ve never known her to not put 110% in everything that she does. She’s a hardworking and brilliant girl who deserves to be recognized for her determination and wonderful attitude!

  9. As her father i am always amazed at the things brittany has accomplished but at the same time not surprised….just an amazing person who works so hard….and im so very proud

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