Henrique Faria Brito Martini Correa, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Quantitative Economics and Econometrics

IMG_4815Henrique Faria Brito Martini Correa knows the value of learning, having come from a long line of educators. His great-grandmother was principal of a public school in Rio de Janeiro and his grandmother founded her own private school where his mother now is principal. The legacy is clear. Education is paramount in this life.

Faria Brito Martini Correa is set to graduate in May 2020 with a dual degree in business analytics and information systems and quantitative economics and econometrics. Last fall, he was inducted into the Order of the Golden Brahman, the most prestigious order of USF, which serves to recognize and engage top student leaders on campus. This semester, he was selected as a USF Ambassador, where he will serve as an official student representative for the USF system. Responsibilities include working alongside the USF systems president and attending presidential events and meetings with USF stakeholders. He also has earned certificates in third-party risk management and global banking both from Citi and was part of an entrepreneurship and innovation summer course at Boston College.

He has participated in the Corporate Mentor Program, the Brazilian Student Association, where he served as vice president of professional development. He was selected to the Dean’s List in the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018.

As director of outreach and access for USF Student Government, Faria Brito Martini Correa assists executive leadership as a liaison between student government, the student body and various organizations. He also served an internship with Brazilian Institute of Economics where he worked with leadership on economic research and helped develop a course big data and data analytics.

112 Replies to “Henrique Faria Brito Martini Correa, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Quantitative Economics and Econometrics”

      1. Eu sempre soube que seria um brilhante profissional, assim como pessoa! Vai longe!!

  1. I’m very proud of Henrique, who is an excellent student and responsible with his duties. He deserves to be the first of 25 under 25!!

  2. Rapaz brilhante e determinado! Tem foco no que quer e dá muito orgulho aos seus parentes e amigos!

  3. He’s an excelent student, he works hard to get what he want’s and he is very responsible in everything he does.

    1. I know his family, especially his grandmother who taught him the values ​​of honor and character. He deserves the opportunity.

  4. All-round great student and friend. Known her since my first-year and have been in USF Senate together as senators for the past term. No drama around her at all and very involved. Sometimes a silent workhorse, other times a student leader when necessary.

  5. Excelente aluno!!!.Comprometido e Com. certeza agregará valor ao trabalho a ser desenvolvido.
    Sucesso ,Henrique!!!!

  6. I know Henrique since he was born, he was my student and was an excelent and dedicated studente. I have so much proud to see his carreer like this.

  7. Excelente aluno desde pequeno…participativo …questionador…merece o que conquistou e vai conquistar.

  8. Um menino lindo, estudioso, generoso e muito amigo.
    Merece chegar no sucesso de sua vida profissional.💋

  9. Cara super prestativo, super inteligente e muito esforçado. Pessoa boa de coração que ajuda a todos.

  10. Great student , great human being , great character and friend. He deserves the best of the best. .

  11. I must say that it has been my pleasure to work with such a smart and polite young man. I will always remember his natural easy going self and the many many talents the boy possesses! He is, without doubt, with the most capacity to assume the position of the first of 25 under 25! Congratulations Henrique! We are all so very proud of you, and count ourselves lucky to have had the chance to get to know you a little bit. Your leadership qualities are second to none, and the services you have freely offered around campus has once again shown us what a great professional you are and always will be!
    Congratulations Henrique Corrêa. A star in the making!😁🤩❤️💙💛

  12. Parabéns Henrique, vou sempre torcer pelo seu sucesso e concretize seus sonhos. Deus abençoe.

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