Sofia Tejera Moran, Marketing

IMG_6172Sofia Tejera Moran’s life over the past four years has been a period of personal growth and enlightenment. Coming from her home country of Venezuela, she has blossomed into a confident, ambitious young woman who is ready to make her mark in whatever path she chooses. She has interned overseas and here, mastered the tools of marketing, including software and social media, and is ready for the next chapter in her life to open up.

Tejera Moran is set to graduate in May 2019 with a degree in marketing and business administration. She has maintained a grade-point average of 3.94 and has been named to the Dean’s List on multiple occasions.  She has taken part in the Marketing Mentorship Program and was the recipient of the Global Citizens Scholarship in 2016, which allowed her to travel to Florence, Italy, to study for a semester as part of the study-abroad program.

She currently is an intern with the Muma College of Business Communications and Marketing Department, where she assists in graphic design, writing and event planning. She also served as an intern for Russel Reynolds Associates in Zurich, Switzerland, a personnel-search company that has offices around the world. There, she helped research candidates for different companies and prepare client presentations.

She currently is the marketing director for the Plan Pais Conference, an annual event that is held in different cities (this year in Tampa) to draw awareness to the social, political and economic upheaval in Venezuela. In that role, Tejera Moran is charged with creating a marketing plan with promotional strategies to encourage participation in the conference, expected to draw 300 attendees.

15 Replies to “Sofia Tejera Moran, Marketing”

  1. Sofia is my grandchild. She is very responsabile and detemined to achieve
    her goals . Sofia has all
    the qualities to become a very successful person in the course of her life.

  2. Wonderful job! Congratulations!
    It has been an honor watching you grow into the independent, intelligent and beautiful young woman you are today.
    Un abrazo. Alessandra,

  3. Sofia is my niece. She is a very sweet and well-behaved young lady. At the same time, she is purposeful and has always distinguished herself among her peers.
    She is determined to pursue her objectives and i have no doubt that a brilliant future lays ahead of her.

  4. Sofía, I studied with your mom at the university and met you when you was little, curious and so smart, now you become a wonderful warrior, beyond the intelligence, your sence of life and the way the things should be. Wish you all the best !!! Cheers, Lucia Clemente

  5. Smart, confident and with the biggest heart, that is Sofia, I know she will succeed in anything she put her head into

  6. Congratulations Sofia!! Happy to see you growing into a beautiful young woman with a brilliant future… continue with your hard work… Good luck 🍀
    Irma P.

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