Francesca Arrigoni, Finance and Personal Financial Planning (Dual Degrees)

Arrgoni, Francesca HeadshotBeing both a first-generation American as well as first-generation college student, Francesca Arrigoni knows what it means to be self-sufficient. Understanding that she was limited in her initial resources, she decided she was going to investigate almost every professional development program offered by USF and the Muma College of Business. Through her grit and hard work, Arrigoni took advantage of every opportunity presented to her, one of the first ones being in the Corporate Mentor Program, where she was paired with a regional business leader and learned what it takes to be successful — beyond the technical skills.

Arrigoni has held numerous leadership roles in the American Marketing Association. From director of social impact to vice president of technology to treasurer, she continues to show growth. In these roles she helped facilitate the organization’s ranking as a Top 20 International Collegiate Chapter and obtainment of the Collegiate Website Award at the 2018 international conference.

With a craving to learn and a willingness to take on new challenges, Arrigoni sought out and was accepted into a study abroad internship in Italy as well as one in Switzerland. As an intern at the U.S. Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, she was involved in the Embassy’s everyday affairs, interacted with Swiss businesses interested in foreign investments, and acted as a direct representative of the United States when arranging visits with political officials.

As one of only nine students selected for the rigorous two-semester Applied Securities Analysis course, Arrigoni oversaw the $600,000 USF Student Managed Investment Fund, allowing her to showcase her skills by pitching stock analysis and projections to a panel of 25 professional investors.

12 Replies to “Francesca Arrigoni, Finance and Personal Financial Planning (Dual Degrees)”

  1. I have known Francasca for years. And no one works harder or helps more people then Francasca. Her commitment to others still amazes me.

  2. Working with Francesca at the Embassy in Switzerland exposed me to her work ethic and dedication to whatever tasks she is assigned. She took active initiative within her section to form meaningful projects and collaborated well with her co-workers. A well-deserved candidate!

  3. Working with Francesca at the US Embassy in Switzerland exposed me to her dedicated work ethic and professional collaboration with our supervisors and colleagues. She took initiative to start up her own projects which would benefit her section. A well deserved vote to a hard working and intelligent woman!

  4. I was honored to teach Francesca Arrigoni and to be a mentor of sorts through her USF career. She is truly one of the most well rounded students I ever had and our relationship blossomed into a friendship. Francesca has worked hard and earned every accolade and the USF 25 Under 25 showcases her many talents. It is a pleasure to vote for her. She is the best in so many ways.

  5. I have known Francesca through the process of awarding her a PEO Scholarship. She is not only an outstanding woman, she is a pure delight to be around.

  6. Francesca is a very worthy candidate and possesses the talents for a productive contribution to society and caring concern for all she meets.

  7. Francesca has excelled in every aspect of her education and work environment. Her commitment to setting and achieving high goals is evident in everything she attempts. Her work, not only locally but internationally, is outstanding and she is deserving of this award.

  8. Franny is such an amazing person, no matter what you can always depend on her! She worked so hard to be where she is today, and I’ll forever admire her for that.

  9. From the time I first met Francesca I knew she was destined for greatness. At the age of 18 she had goals that she already has surpassed. She is exceptional in every way .

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