Jesus Parada Perla, MBA

Parada Perla, Jesus HeadshotJesus Parada Perla exemplifies values USF holds dear: inclusion, diversity, academic excellence.

A native of El Salvador, Parada graduated with an undergraduate business degree in 2017, cum laude, earning these honors while racking up an impressive list of extracurricular activities. Now Parada aims to earn a second USF degree — an MBA, with honors.

When Parada first arrived at USF, he joined the Latin American Student Association but found it to be somewhat insular. It did not collaborate with other multicultural organizations. Parada thought the organization was missing opportunities. A firm believer in inclusion, Parada proposed opportunities for several multicultural clubs to collaborate. He coordinated the inaugural Noche Latina during Hispanic Heritage Month and worked with other organizations to create the Mr. & Ms. Latinx contest. Parada went on to become president of LASA and soon the group became a de facto umbrella organization for several multicultural clubs. Under his leadership, the association received USF’s Outstanding Organizational Collaboration Award.

Parada served as a student assistant for USF’s Center for Leadership Civic Engagement and was named 2018 Student Assistant of the Year. He helped the Association of Future Professionals in Business Management grow by 100 members. And he is in his second term as president of LASA.

Outside of campus, Parada took on a sales job at American Freight/Sears Outlet. Parada was recognized as “Best of Outlet” for three consecutive months as he brought in 600 new leasing accounts. He briefly served as acting manager, filling in for a to-be-hired leadership post. He now works as a supervisor there, working full-time while pursuing the MBA in the evenings.

18 Replies to “Jesus Parada Perla, MBA”

  1. As someone who knows Jesus personally, he exemplifies hard work and success throughout all of his work. I am proud to have worked with him and know that he will continue on with greatness

  2. Es un joven ejemplar, digno de imitar y jóvenes como Parada, necesitan las naciones para salir adelante con tantos retos y problemas que existen hoy en día, gracias por representar nuestra comunidad latina. Felicidades y que Dios siga bendiciendo a Jesús Parada Perla.

  3. Un joven ejemplar y exitoso que se merece todo lo mejor porque el es un guerrero y un ejemplo a seguir gracias por ser como eres

  4. I have personally known Jesus Parada Perla for so many years. And I am so proud to see how he is accomplishing his goals. Honestly, I believe he is the type of person that not just do thing the right way but also is an inspiration for other young people around him. Good job Jesus, let’s keep it up. Blessings.

  5. God may continue blessing your life mi hijo!!
    Amazing work you are doing! I am so astonished by what you have achieved! Keep it up! Love from your Tia Maribel 👏

  6. Jesus Humberto Parade Perla en tu corta Vida ya haz logrado muchos excitos ESO me enorgullece, saber que todo ha valido la pena y Como siempre te lo digo tu puedes con eso y mucho mas, eres un ejemplo a seguir para muchos siempre mira hacia adelante con la humildad y el respeto hacia los demas, gracias hijo te amo, Felicidades, Bendiciones hoy y siempre

  7. Best of Luck and my prayers for your success .
    Keep up the good work and may your dreams come true.
    Blessings for your future.

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