Madison Masterson, Marketing

Masterson, Madison HeadshotIf there’s one word to describe Madison Masterson, it’s resilience. Masterson didn’t just attend college, she excelled.

She was dealt a difficult hand in life, having to leave her high school to attend hospital-homebound schooling due to epilepsy. Attending college was a far-away dream until she spent a summer studying at Harvard University. There, she decided, she would strive for higher education despite the challenges her disability would cause.

Masterson will graduate in May, with a degree in marketing as well as five internships and two jobs under her belt. She’s had experience ranging from management to social media to design, and she continues to push herself to learn more. She has already earned seven certifications and plans to expand her skill set even further before graduation.

Aside from her academics and professional development, she has also been heavily involved on campus as a leader in Student Government, Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Sigma Pi.  She also founded one of USF’s largest organizations, Bulls Against Bullying. During her four years as president, the organization grew from 10 members to several hundred. She took on numerous tasks, planning events, budgeting and marketing, all while working and being a student. It’s clear how passionate Masterson is about the topic of bullying by the fact that she is currently writing a research-based thesis on how marketing can be utilized to prevent and reduce bullying.

She is passionate about community service, too. She has volunteered for five different non-profit organizations and Masterson dreams of opening her own non-profit in the future, aiming to increase awareness of the impact of bullying and change community behaviors.

111 Replies to “Madison Masterson, Marketing”

  1. Hey Madison,
    I watched you grow from a fetus to wonderful young lady that you are. I pray for your continuing success in life. Love always
    Uncle Paul

  2. Madison is such a kind and compassionate person. Shes an amazing role model and deserves this more than anyone ❤️

  3. I met Madison at Orientation five years ago, and she has always been the kindest most driven to do great things out there. She is very deserving of this award!

  4. Madison more than deserving of this accolade. Madison, you continue to amaze me with your dedication and hard work. Continue to do phenomenal things!

  5. Madison is the most deserving and motivated person I have ever met. She changed my life and will continue to do the same for everyone she meets. I hope the judges see how amazing she is and she gets most remarkable student because she more than deserves it. With everything she’s been through she has done such an amazing job pushing through her disabilities and succeeding. So hardworking.

  6. We’ve know Madison since she was a little girl. She has always been a creative spirit, independent, and very ambitious. She has always shown leadership qualities as a young girl in our neighborhood delving into events by persuading others to participate. Congratulations Madison on being selected as one of the 25 under 25! We are so very proud of you. Good Luck!

  7. One person can make a difference, Madison has done just that at USF. She should be the face of the no#1 student.

  8. Madison, you have had to work harder then most people. Even with all of the medical issues you have experienced over the years this didn’t stop you from pushing forward and achieving all that you have achieved. You have a heart to help others succeed and will continue to be a great leader.

    1. The hard work is what has truly made me a better person and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So thankful for you and all your wonderful children, miss you!

  9. I wrote a really nice reply and the system lost it and made me start over. I am super proud of how hard you have worked. You never let your health issues stop you from achieving your goals. You are an amazing leader and inspiration to others!

  10. Madison is a remarkable student and has achieved so much not letting health issues stand in her way

  11. I’ve watched this girl grow up from a peanut who could waterski. Very proud. Keep reaching for stars and you’ll move mountains.

  12. Madison Masterson is a very successful and well driven.
    Madison did not let her sickness from stopping her to finish school and achieve whatever she wants in her life.
    I am very proud of her and by way I have known Madison since she was 4 years old
    Kudos to u Madison. U deserve it ❤️❤️

  13. Congratulations on your achievements, Madison! As a parent of a child with a chronic illness, I understand how remarkable your accomplishments are. What I also know and understand is your strength and drive… you are nowhere near done on this journey of yours. Best of luck to you!

    1. It was hard growing up with a chronic illness but it made me stronger and more motivated! Sending love to you and your family, thank you so much for the support!

  14. I’m so glad my son, Sam, met you! Your drive and determination is inspiring and contagious! You are a doll 😘

  15. Hi Madison
    I vote for you. Hope you win 😁👍.
    Greetings from Switzerland
    Marianne, Hansjörg and Jannik

  16. I have followed Madison on social media for almost 10 years and no one is more deserving of this award than her. She is so inspiring and even in bad times she always put other people before herself. Her work for bullying prevention saved my life and even when she had hundreds of people messaging her she took the time to respond to every comment and message. I’m so thankful to have an inspiration like her to follow and look up to! I’m a m&m forever!!!!! Love you Madison were all routing for you to get most remarkable but even if you don’t you are such a remarkable person!!

    1. Thank you so much Celine this comment brought me to tears. I am so thankful to have left such an impact on your life. Thank you for the support all these years, you make all the hard work worth it!

  17. I’m extremely late in commenting but I wanted to say how wonderful you are for enduring what you did and continuing your higher education, you’re unstoppable! What an amazing accomplishment list you have at your age and it will only continue to grow.

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