Maria Ghulam, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Applied Technologies

Ghulam, Maria HeadshotWhen a high school teacher made fun of 15-year-old Maria Ghulam for not knowing what the word “essay” meant, Ghulam was angry. The Saudi Arabian native had just transferred from an all Arabic school to an international one where everything was taught in English and she hated being ridiculed. That experience, combined with her commitment to family and beyond-her-years maturity, led Ghulam to set some goals: to own property, to become an entrepreneur and to be part of the community.

At a young age, Ghulam wanted to be independent and though young, she loved the idea of owning real estate. To her, owning property meant a secure and stable future for herself and her family.  She is working toward that goal.

Ghulam has a wide variety of cultural experiences. She has studied abroad and learned several languages. While fluent in English and Arabic, Ghulam also has working proficiency in Korean and Japanese. She used this knowledge to give back to the community by teaching English to refugees and helping students in the Japanese Club practice their Japanese language skills. Ghulam has also helped with fundraisers and assisted a nonprofit organization, Tampa City Ballet, by coordinating events and upgrading its branding and social media strategies.

Ghulam graduated from USF with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Currently, she has a 4.0 GPA in pursuit of a master’s degree in entrepreneurship, which she plans to use one day in her own business. She works as a graduate assistant for marketing capstone courses, an outreach agent at the Florida Blue Health Care Innovation Competition and holds leadership roles with the USF Entrepreneurship Society and Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization.

135 Replies to “Maria Ghulam, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Applied Technologies”

      1. Warm Greetings from Dubai – UAE
        And I wish you all the best

        You’re Amazing and you deserve the best

  1. You deserve been selected, I am sure you will reach to your final goal and beyond.

    Good luck Maria

  2. Congratulations my dear niece for this wonderful accomplishment!
    Wishing you all of the best.

    Best regards,
    Your aunt Kamelia Ghulam

  3. Maria is an intelligent Hardworking person. She will be a great entrepreneur. I wish her all the best. 👍

  4. One of the most dedicated and persistent young lady I’ve ever met.
    Wish You a bright future dear Maria !
    Best of luck my dear

  5. My dear daughter Maria,
    I am proud of you, you have launched the fourth star in the sky side by side with your brother and sister, I pry to Allah for you more success in your future as well as your brothers and sisters.

    Your Dad

  6. It’s been 10 years since the last time i saw you, and i gotta say i’m proud for all the things you have achieved so far. Keep aiming high, and show everyone else what your’e made of.


  7. My big sister, thank you for everything and you deserve what’s happening to you in your life.
    It’s really wow how you managed to develop to a very clever student.
    Take care😘😇

  8. Great job Mary
    Proud of you dear,
    and remember ,some great scientists were called addled by their teachers, but they have proved for the whole world that they are the smartest.
    You’ve been always brilliant ,and it is time to show the world.
    Bless you and keep up .

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