Armando Marquez, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Armando Marquez
Armando Marquez

Armando Marquez left Venezuela four years ago to pursue his education and to hone his leadership skills with the goal of stepping back into his home country to improve conditions there. He is on track to graduate in May with a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Information Systems with a minor in finance. While here, he earned the USF Director’s Award and several mentions on the dean’s list, all while helping build technologies that change the ways students and campus leadership interact with data in USF IT and Innovative Education.

For Marquez, all this leads to home.

“I promised myself I would work as hard as [his parents] to become part of the prepared generation that will repair the country that was once the powerhouse of Latin America,” Marquez says.

He has embarked on a path towards leadership based on integrity and a desire to give back. Marquez is on the Muma College of Business’ Analytics Team and represented USF in the International Collegiate Programming Contest regionals. He was a founding vice president of internal affairs and chapter president of Phi Chi Theta, where he has harnessed the skills and developed the passions to help empower dozens of students in the Muma College of Business as they pursue their professional goals and build networks.

He currently participates in USF’s ExLabs Internship with Tech Data and serves as president of Data Science at USF, an organization that prepares students in the field that converges machine learning, statistics, and software development.

28 Replies to “Armando Marquez, Business Analytics and Information Systems”

  1. Yes, of course. He have a made such a great and notorious effort ! He truly deserves it. Thanks

  2. Conozco muy bien a toda la familia Marquez desde hace más de 40 años, con mucha responsabilidad y orgullo puedo decir que son muy emprendedores y responsables con los cualquier compromiso que afrontan, excelentes personas de una casta que poco queda.

  3. Congratulations Armando on your outstanding achievement!. You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and we are so proud of you. Keep up your good work and continue to strive. Well done.

  4. All of them are really prepared…But I see in this guy the maturity of wanting to do things this very instant. Besides he’s very young and with lots of will. He’ll get thinks on the very right way. That’s why I chose him. The very best to you Armando.

  5. Armando Marquez is a dedicated, committed and talented individual that will accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

    From a loving and nurturing home with high values that are his foundation and his core.

    1. Dearest Pedro ! your Vote means a lot ! It has Extreme Value. Many good memories come to my mind…your brother transmitted me valuable knowledge, necessary to enter the Simon Bolivar University.

  6. Armando Marquez is an individual so prepared with the highest profesional skill that you all will love to have him as a part of your team . The University will miss him

  7. Excelente persona es Armando y con muchas cualidades para asumir retos con alta responsabilidad. Merece todo nuestro apoyo. Un abrazo primo.

  8. Yo puedo escribirle
    Armando Marquez is one of the professionals that have a perfect goal and fits perfectly to globalization for his highest skill preparation, also for being a polyglot and growing up in the three culture. This has been helping him to achieve whatever activity that has to be done.

  9. Above all, Armando has always been committed and determined, I don’t doubt he’ll achieve great things in life, he indeed is remarkable.

  10. I have never met someone with so much talent and with such a strong work ethic and ability to face any challenge like Armando. No matter how the high the complexity, Armando has endlessly exceeded expectations in solving any problem that he is encountered. Armando will always be my first point of contact for any obstacle I struggle with because I know he will always offer support. Armando’s brain is full of solutions and endless creativity. He is a prime example of future scholar who will always be remembered for his remarkable achievements.

  11. Conozco del potencial de Armando desde muy joven. Es orientado al logro, dedicado, perseguidor de la excelencia y con alta sensibilidad social. Un Roble venezolano.

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