Autumnsarah Foster-Pagett, MBA and MS in Sport and Entertainment Management

Autumnsarah Foster-Padgett
Autumnsarah Foster-Pagett

Autumnsarah Foster-Pagett has always wanted to pursue a career in sports and entertainment and now she is fulfilling her dream. Growing up in the inner city of New York, sports has always been her outlet.

“As the first person in my family to pursue a master’s degree, I have continuously put myself in a position to develop professionally, while being sure to leave an impact in all aspects of my work,” she says.

Foster-Pagett will graduate in May with an MBA and master’s degree in sport and entertainment management.

While still in high school, she researched the business side of sport and all that went into talent marketing, developing partnerships and the planning of major events. Consequently, furthering her education at an institution with renowned academics and sports teams was vital in picking her college of choice. From her freshman to senior year at the University of Connecticut, she served as a student manager for the prestigious UConn women’s basketball team, which was an eye-opening experience.

Foster-Pagett has used that experience to propel her at USF, where she served as graduate assistant and interned as the concierge manager at Yacht Village during Super Bowl LV. She has previous internship experience with the Brooklyn Nets — twice, where she helped develop plans to strengthen partnerships through premium events and as a diversity and inclusion assistant. She was also an assistant for the 2020 U.S. Open Tennis Championships. All this experience has strengthened her desire to work in the sport and entertainment industry.

19 Replies to “Autumnsarah Foster-Pagett, MBA and MS in Sport and Entertainment Management”

  1. AutumnSarah is an amazing young woman. Hard working and ambitious she is a natural leader. Congratulations Autumn!

  2. My goddaughter is an amazing young woman! We have been so blessed to watch her grow and achieve so much. You have a village and you are loved AutumnSarah!!

  3. AutumnSarah is stellar at anything and everything she puts her mind to accomplishing. I don’t know a more deserving young woman. Congratulations Autumn!

  4. Autumn, I am beyond proud of all that you have accomplished thus far and I look forward for the great impact you’ll live in this Earth.

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