Mackenzie Lamm, Marketing

Mackenzie Lamm
Mackenzie Lamm

When Mackenzie Lamm first arrived at USF, she made a vow to herself: to grow as a business professional and make a meaningful impact.

She entered USF as a member of the invitation-only Bulls Business Community, sharing both living and classroom spaces with other first-year business students. The program enhanced professionalism and networking through etiquette dinners and corporate tours. Through this initiative, she found her voice and today, is involved in HerCampus, an organization for women, by women. She is the junior editor for a team of 20 women and has written seven articles herself.

Lamm has grown her sales skills through internships and involvement in the USF Professional Sales Club. As a business development intern at BlueGrace Logistics, she generates prospective clients and maintains about 200 interactions through cold calling and emailing. As one of 20 students selected for KnowBe4’s Sales Career Accelerator Program, Lamm was the overall winner of the objection handling competition and her dedication to coachability has secured her a sales internship over the summer. In addition, through the USF Sales Club, she was the overall winner of the Selling with the Bulls competition and is joining its E-Board as chief marketing officer.

In her work-study job at the USF Office of Veterans Success, she has approved roughly 150 veterans and dependents to receive financial benefits for schooling. She says this role is rewarding to help those who have made sacrifices for this country.

Lamm will graduate in  2022 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a concentration in sales and a minor in mass communications.

13 Replies to “Mackenzie Lamm, Marketing”

  1. Mackenzie Lamm is a truly remarkable young woman who inspires others everywhere she goes. Her loving heart and giving spirit shine in all her accomplishments!

  2. Mackenzie Lamm is to admired for her concern for others in her future plans. She understands the sacrifices of Military lives and will carry those experiences to share in her vocation.

  3. Mackenzie Lamm is a smart young lady that has shown she can accomplish almost anything that she sets out to do. She is a loving person and cares about others.

  4. If anyone can make the positive changes our country needs, count on Mackenzie Lamm to be there leading the way! Go Mackenzie!

  5. Mackenzie is a very talented and determined young lady with a unique perspective. I love how she balances relationships with ambition. This is a just a glimpse of what she has to offer.

  6. Mackenzie is such a great example of the hard work, determination and follow through needed to succeed in today’s business world. She is destined to be a great leader that any of the top company’s would be proud to have her leading their team .

  7. Mackenzie demonstrates independence, commitment and moral strength. We are excited to see her be recognized as an outstanding student at USF.

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