Faith Marcus, Accounting

Faith Marcus is driven to turn adversity into opportunity. From her grandfather, the son of a sharecropper who became a decorated veteran in the Navy, she learned the value of dedication and determination. 

She is dreaming big and making the most of her opportunities at USF because she knows the hardships of the lack of access to education.

Due to the pandemic, Marcus spent her first year in college online. When she was finally able to step onto campus, she wanted to make the most of her three years at USF. She knew she had to get involved fast.

She held leadership positions in USF’s Accounting Society, Women in Pre-Law Society, and Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting honor society.

In these circles, she quickly found camaraderie with like-minded peers who are passionate about accounting, leadership, and community service.

In Beta Alpha Psi, she serves as a committee chair, tutors accounting students for free, and competes as a presenter. She placed second in the Grant Thornton Speech Competition for her presentation on “How to Play the Violin.”

This past summer, Marcus interned as an auditor at BDO, a top-10 accounting firm. She will return as an international tax intern in BDO’s Dallas office this summer. After, she will start at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Her ultimate goal is to become a CPA and lawyer. As she continues her academic journey beyond USF, she wants to pay homage to the path paved by her grandfathers while creating a legacy of her own.

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