Stephanie England, Business Analytics and Information Systems and Business Management

As the granddaughter of Cuban immigrants, Stephanie England was taught two important values: no one can take your education from you, and take full advantage of life’s opportunities.

England, who is pursuing dual degrees — a bachelor’s in business analytics and information systems with a concentration in cybersecurity and a bachelor’s in management — has taken those lessons to heart during her time at USF.

A self-described lifelong learner dedicated to scholarship, England is a junior and has taken on leadership roles that reflect her fundamental belief in service.

Through her involvement with the campus, she discovered the USF Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement where she led the planning for weeklong service projects through Bulls Service Breaks, an alternative service break program.

She sets aside Friday mornings for a Tampa Bay service activity with her office, which could include going to the Hope Garden or serving meals at the Trinity Cafe.

In 2020, she was one of two freshmen inducted into the Order of the Golden Brahman. There she serves as the Alumni Relations Chair, where she helps promote a strong relationship with alumni and friends of USF. 

And this past year, she became a USF Ambassador where she represents the university at events for the alumni association, the USF president’s office, and other events in the community.

For England, her goal has always been to be involved in a variety of student organizations to grow as a leader, have an enriching college experience, and to do it through service to others.


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