Chelsey Kamen, International Business

Chelsey Kamen has embraced international business, spending a semester abroad in France, followed by a summer program in Italy.  Attending classes and working side-by-side with students from all over the world has given her the opportunity to expand her global knowledge and see first-hand what companies mean when they say the boundaries of business are blurring.

Back on campus, Kamen serves as president of USF’s chapter of the American Marketing Association. Desiring to increase the number and ways the entire AMA membership could get involved in the College of Business, and aiming to help new AMA member understand that they are expected to serve instead of simply observe, Kamen launched a “new member mentor” program.  As a result, more AMA members tackled leadership roles.  The initiative also helped the student organization recruit new members, resulting in an 11 percent increase in AMA membership.  This, in turn, led to a 156 percent increase in the organization’s net profit.

While serving as an intern with the City of Tampa’s Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Kamen created a cultural walking tour for Tampa Bay that the City plans to use as a marketing tool.

13 Replies to “Chelsey Kamen, International Business”

  1. Congratulations Chelsea! And best of luck to you in your future and career.
    I am a friend of your Aunt Cynthia Reeder’s and a neighbor.

    Glad to vote for you!

    Paula Waldman

  2. Happy to vote for you. Have known Steve and Cynthia for years! Good luck.
    Donna Scarpelli, friend of Steve and Cynthia

  3. Good Luck!! May every success be yours and may all your dreams come true. Here’s a big vote for you!!

  4. Chelsey, You go girl!!! Best of luck to you! You are truly an amazing young lady with such a bright future ahead of you. Much love from all the McGloons!

  5. Chelsey,
    You’ve done a fantastic job and we know you will enjoy great success wherever you go. Congrats on your upcoming graduation—hard to believe!!! Hope to see you this Summer. Love, Uncle Bill

  6. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. I have no doubt you will continue to lead others and thrive as a business woman. Congratulations on making the top 25 and your upcoming graduation! Love Uncle Kevin

  7. Congratulations Chelsey!!!

    I’m so excited for you Chelsey!! You have accomplished so much over the past four years at USF!!! Much love, Kat

  8. Chelsey,
    Congratulations on your great work. Amazing it is time for graduation. Beau and Ingrid also in May !! Good luck. Your friends, All the Huelsters in Indiana

  9. Dear Chelsey,

    Dick and i send congratulations to you! your hard work and strong commitment will take you far in this field you have chosen. Good Luck!
    Kathryn and Dick Huelster

  10. Chelsey,
    You have grown so much. You rose to the position of president and you are an amazing and dear person.
    Ms. P

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