Sean McCaskill, Accounting

One bachelor’s degree was not enough for Sean McCaskill.  After graduating in 2009 with a finance degree, he came back to USF to pursue a degree in accounting.  He has immersed himself in extracurricular programs offered by the School of Accountancy, so much so, in fact, that he has been invited to serve on its student advisory council. In addition, McCaskill, who has received two Student Excellence Grants, worked as a teaching assistant for two semesters.

Formerly an officer for the Student Finance Association, McCaskill is now a member of Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting honors organization.  In addition, McCaskill participates in events for the American Heart Association, participates in breast cancer walks, and volunteers for both Junior Achievement, an educational program, and Clothes for Kids, a non-profit organization in Clearwater.  Not one to sit still, McCaskill launched a yacht detailing business in 2007.

McCaskill, who took and passed the level one Certified Financial Analyst exam, plans to take the CFA level two exam in 2012, after he passes the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.  He has completed internships at Levin Financial, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, and KPMG.  The full-time KPMG internship led to a job offer, so McCaskill will begin work as an auditor with KPMG in August.

30 Replies to “Sean McCaskill, Accounting”

  1. Congratulations Sean. We are so very proud of you. You have worked very hard and diligently with an excellent attitude! We admire how you were able to ably handle your school courses, balance a tough work schedule at various businesses in the area and handle your own business with very happy customers. We admire that you also took time to do some charity work in the community. You are awesome young man and son and we wish you the very best. With Our Love Always, Dad & Mom

  2. What a magnificent young man you have turned out to be. Your Mom and I are so very proud of all of your scholastic achievements while at USF. There is no doubt that this will also follow you throughout your career, making all your dreams come true. Great Job, Son…Dad

  3. Congratulations on all your wonderful accomplishments! You have so much to be proud of and so much to look forward to! We wish you a fun filled future along with all your hard work!

  4. Congratulations Sean! We have been following your parents since before you ever were…! I lived with your mom in NYC before getting married and am not surprised her qualities rubbed off on her children. We are rooting for you!

  5. Congradulations Sean. KPMG is fortuante to get you. I know I will be hearing about even greater accomplishments in the future.

  6. Sean – we are so very proud of you! Such an elite group of young, talented, and driven achievers. Another confirmation that you are amoung the best of the best! Congratulations!

    With all our love and support (and votes!),
    Shelli, Duane and Austin

  7. Congratulation Sean on this prestigious and well earned accomplishment. We wish you the very best always. COunt on your neighbors, the Moran Family, to be always among your biggest fans

    To think I knew you when you were a little kid…….

    Terri Landry

  8. Sean, I am so very proud of you and not surprised to read and hear of all your accomplishments. You are a remarkable young man, and an even better nephew. I know you have a bright future ahead of you. Way to go!!!

  9. Sean, We are impressed with your academic accomplishments, and we recall with gratitude the work you did for us on our boat. You followed through on several projects and we appreciated your professionalism. Congratulations!

  10. Sean,

    What a honor and a privilege it has been for Bart and I to watch you grow, mature and become such a fine young man! You have been a joy in our lives to travel with, have fun with and eat lots and lots of Sushi with ; ) If anyone deserves this honor, it is YOU!

    Congratulations on ALL of your accomplishments!

    Andrea Hutchinson

  11. Sean,

    Great job in face of adversity. It is easy to loose focus when faced with challenges in life and you have shown your resolve when dealt one of the most unknown we all take for granted… your health. Best wishes for the future. I am sure you have a Great Road ahead!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Jay Ross

  12. Sean – Nice work – congrats! We’re looking forward to you starting your career at KPMG in the fall.

    Jerry Johnson

  13. Sean- You are The Best… hard work does it every time ! Wax on Wax Off !
    Keep up the great work. Where ever you go …”they will be lucky to have you” !

    My best regards,

  14. Congratulations Sean! We are so proud of you, and excited to see you have this moment in the sun…Not that you don’t get a lot of those while you’re detailing boats…but this time you don’t need a hat.
    You deserve the accolades, you’ve worked very hard, and always with a smile, a “can do” attitude, and a professional demeanor that will further your success for years to come. Your mentoring of youner students shows that you’ll never forget where you came from. With all of your accomplishments however, you have never hesitated to help someone else out.
    Congratulations to all of the nominees, but we think you’re number one.
    We congratulate your family too, because I know you share your tremendous traits with them.
    Ginger and John Bierdeman

  15. Sean,
    Such an exciting moment in your life! We hope there are many more for you as you venture out into the world.
    We have known you, your whole life and seen you grown into a great adult who loves his family, community and is there to help anyone be better.
    We wish you continued happiness.
    Nancy and Jerry

  16. Sean you must have gotten your brains from your Mom I’ve know your Dad for 40 years and you couldn’t have gotten them from him. Good luck.

  17. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, but I just wanted to say “congrats” and wish you all the best. You make your family very proud! May God bless you in all that you do!

  18. Scott you are obviously a remarkable and hard working young man.
    May God continue to bless you in your future endeavors. He blesses our
    country with men and women of character like you.

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