Sean Motta, General Business

For the past four years, Sean Motta has run his own Web design business, SM Design Studios, where he develops online applications and designs custom logos, online marketing programs, and complete database solutions.  In addition, he has worked full-time as the webmaster for USF’s Honors College for the past six years.

Working toward dual degrees in engineering and in business, Motta has engaged in several research projects during his time at USF.  During one such project with the USF Rehabilitation Robotics Lab, he conducted research on a hands-free wheelchair.  He recently submitted his undergraduate thesis for the Honors College and has traveled to several conferences to present his research, which received an A+ grade from the Honors College.  One of those conferences includes the highly competitive Education without Borders Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Motta was an active member with Boy Scouts of America for many years.  He is a the president of the USF chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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