Four years ago, Ross O’Bryan started climbing the walls.  An avid rock climber, O’Bryan is a member of USF’s Rock Climbing Club, currently holding the positions of treasurer and secretary for the club.  Elected to serve as president for the coming year, O’Bryan is spearheading the group’s effort to build a rock-climbing wall on USF’s Tampa campus.

O’Bryan is the first in his family to attend college and, though the Corporate Mentor Program, is paired with a mentor from The Nielsen Company.  Meeting regularly with his mentor, O’Bryan understands how important mentoring is.  In an effort to help a younger, similar first-generation student, he serves as a “Big Brother” himself, visiting with a student weekly at a nearby elementary school through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

O’Bryan can be seen on several Ron Jon Surf Shop billboards, as he has worked part-time as a model for five years.  He worked for Publix Supermarkets for several years to help pay for school and, in addition, works part-time on campus.  He never let his performance in the classroom waver, earning several scholarships in recognition of his academic performance.