Ross O’Bryan, International Business & Economics

Four years ago, Ross O’Bryan started climbing the walls.  An avid rock climber, O’Bryan is a member of USF’s Rock Climbing Club, currently holding the positions of treasurer and secretary for the club.  Elected to serve as president for the coming year, O’Bryan is spearheading the group’s effort to build a rock-climbing wall on USF’s Tampa campus.

O’Bryan is the first in his family to attend college and, though the Corporate Mentor Program, is paired with a mentor from The Nielsen Company.  Meeting regularly with his mentor, O’Bryan understands how important mentoring is.  In an effort to help a younger, similar first-generation student, he serves as a “Big Brother” himself, visiting with a student weekly at a nearby elementary school through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

O’Bryan can be seen on several Ron Jon Surf Shop billboards, as he has worked part-time as a model for five years.  He worked for Publix Supermarkets for several years to help pay for school and, in addition, works part-time on campus.  He never let his performance in the classroom waver, earning several scholarships in recognition of his academic performance.

19 Replies to “Ross O’Bryan, International Business & Economics”

  1. Ross is a person of high values of usefulness to others. Dependable work ethics along with high morals. He thinks of others, never complains or finds fault with others, he is considerate of others feelings and rights. He tries to walk in the other persons shoes in order to understand them, Ross is a very find young man, he always has a smile, and has a nice word to everyone and shows happiness in his life. I have known him from his birth and watched him grow into a the man any parent would be proud of.. His parents have done a fine job of teaching him to be a good American and upstanding honest man.

  2. I have been able to watch Ross grow from the time he was a young boy to the present day. I am not surprised in the least about his commitment to succeed while including the community as part of his overall plan to better the world he will be involved with.

    I see a great future for this young man.

  3. Ross is a brilliant young man! He is very hard working and puts his whole body and mind into everything he does. He has a loving heart and goes out of his way to help others. Ross is very kind and friendly. His smile makes other peoples day! He is a role model and many people look up to him. If you know Ross or have known him for even a split second in your life then you should feel lucky and blessed! He is the person that will change your life in a positive way. He is the best friend you want to have, the person you should call when you need help with a math problem and the leader you want improving the community for a better tomorrow!!!

  4. It is nice to see an honest young man caring about the future generation. I have no hesitation at all in voting for Ross!

  5. Ross puts his mind and heart into everything he does–no surprise he would be a shining star @ USF. Personality plus the brains, desire, and dedication back up that winning smile. Good Luck Ross!!!

  6. What a great example Ross is for those coming up in the next generation! He is a winner and will continue to make a difference in all the lives he comes in contact with at USF and our world at large. He is a born leader with gifts and talents that shine out of him!

  7. Ross is an awesome young man from a wonderful community minded family. He has always stood out academically and through his encoragement and support of others. He is a team player and will continue to be a shining example of the quality of student that one might expect from USF!

    Ross, you continue to make your friends and family proud.

  8. Ross has been a family friend for years. He is always willing to help do whatever is asked of him, and, with a smile. Ross has a true concern for his family, friends and community around him.

    Ross is the “Most Remarkable”! Go Ross!

  9. I have known Ross for many years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his effort to help everyone who crosses his path.

  10. I”ve known Ross and his family for many years. I’ve always been impressed with how responsible Ross is, managing school, work, modeling and sports. He not only manages the responsibilities, he excels in each of them. Ross stands out because of his attitude and drive – he is ambitious, determined and eager to learn. Truly remarkable in this day and age.

    Ross, you continue to make your family proud – you will make USF proud, too.

  11. Ross has shown leadership characteristics since the time I met him. Dedicated man knows what it takes to accomplish goals and succeed whether in his own life or in helping others. His determination, work ethic, and attitude are second to none. My vote goes to Ross ‘The Boss’ O’Bryan.

  12. We are so proud of you and all that you have and will accomplish!!!! It has been with much joy that we have watched you grow to be the wonderful young man that you are today. We know you will stay focused as always and continue on the path to success…at USF and beyond. You have always been remarkable to us! 25 under 25…an awesome group of young adults! Mom and Dad

  13. Ross is an honorable young man, and I am proud to call him a friend. I have no doubt that he deserves to be in the top 25.

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