Eric Holland, Economics


The first in his family to attend college, Eric Holland credits the Bulls Business Community with helping him grow as a professional from his first moments on campus.  A highly involved student, he took part in nearly every program offered at the BBC, from improv and etiquette lessons to tours and networking sessions.  Holland was selected to serve as a BBC resident assistant in 2009.

Such training helped him gain employment at Bank of America, where he worked in sales, assisting small businesses.  Despite the heavy workload that comes with being a full-time student with a full-time job, Holland was lauded for his performance at the bank and in the classroom.

Currently an intern with a sports recruiting firm, Holland enjoys athletics. He frequently competes in off-road bike races.  He has been known to don bullhorns and body paint for football games.  Also, he reached out to USF Athletics to volunteer, and, though he never played lacrosse, productively coached the USF’s women’s team.

A member of USF’s Honors College, Holland’s research thesis examines organizational isomorphism in human resources, specifically studying hiring decisions made by the National Football League.  He has been invited to present his work at two national research conferences.

5 Replies to “Eric Holland, Economics”

  1. Eric worked in our office from day one of stepping onto campus. We’ve watched him mature greatly during his time at USF, and I do believe the BBN program has helped that process. Eric is a great guy, excellent student, and a strong worker. He would be a great representative of this award.

  2. Eric is by far the most remarkable student. Never failing, always consistent, he has been a great friend to me. No matter what he has going on, or how busy he is, he has always been there to support me. He has a great sense of humor, he’s outgoing, he’s considerate and passionate and a dedicated worker no matter the task. He has overcome great odds to be where he is today, and offers his help and support to others selflessly, regardless of what obstacles he is overcoming in his own life. Eric is a beautiful person and a wonderful asset to USF – definitely got my vote.

  3. Eric is an intelligent dedicated young man who deserves the title of most remarkable student through the examples he sets for others in his daily life.

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