Stephanie Howard, Marketing

Passionate about Best Buddies International, an organization that facilitates friendships between intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals and their non-disabled peers, Stephanie Howard saw a need to expand the program at USF.  She became President, and since, membership has doubled. Howard brought Best Buddies’ national “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign to USF in March, aiming to make students aware of the hurtful effects the word “retarded” has on disabled citizens.  As a result, more than 1,000 students pledged to stop using the word.

Howard was recently selected as a USF Ambassador for the 2011-2012 academic year. She currently serves as Membership Education Vice President for Alpha Delta Pi, and will be the community manager of the sorority house next year.  Howard also participates yearly in Stampede of Service, volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, and is an avid blood donor, over 2 gallons to date.

25 Replies to “Stephanie Howard, Marketing”

  1. Stephanie Howard is a remarkable person! She is caring and dedicated to helping others and is one of the most amazing people I know.

  2. Steph Howard is truly a remarkable person!! She strives for the best and always has her Best Buddies organization in mind! She is always finding ways to make sure those in her organization are truly benefiting from the program!

  3. Stephanie is remarkable for her intelligence, drive and passion to help those in need, Her positive outlook and high energy make her a natural leader; the power of her enthusiasm brings out the best in those around her. Now that really is remarkable!

  4. Stephanie Howard is a remarkable young woman. She has such a passion for the Best Buddies program and making people aware of the fine qualities that each of us as HUMAN BEINGS has inside of us; no matter what our disabilities might be.

  5. Stephanine is an incredible person, with focus and desire to do what is in her heart! We are also so thankful to have her as a positive role model to our younger children.

  6. Stephanie’s passion and energy combined put her in a category of her own. When she decides to pursue an idea, nothing will get in the way towards the achievement of her goal. The Best Buddies Program couldn’t have a more worthy advocate.

  7. Stephanie Howard is truely remarkable. I find it no surprise that she is part of the top 25 outstanding undergraduates group. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside, as well as compassionate and caring. It doesn’t get any better than this. Go Stepanie!

  8. Stephanie is so deserving of her notable accomplishments. Because of her intelligence, energy, zeal, compassion, and selflessness, I am sure we will see her excel at a much greater level in leadership for the good of others. That will really be even more remarkable!!!!!

  9. I have been a School Resource Officer for 20 years. In that time i have come to know thousands of students. Stephanie is one of the most oustanding young women that i have ever had the privilidge of knowing. Mrs Johnson said it right , we will most definetly see this young lady in some type of leadership role.

  10. Stephanie is a truly remarkable young woman with a vivacious and infectious attitude toward life and all it has to offer. She makes everyone she comes in contact with in a happier frame of mind. She is tenacious and self-demanding. As her Geometry Honors and SAT prep tutor I know she is relentless when it comes to knowing everything and being the best that she can be. She is one in a million!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  11. Stephanie Howard is an incredibly remarkable individual who brings exuberance and a fresh outlook everywhere she goes. Her witty sense of humor is seen throughout all of her leadership positions and everyday connections. I have witnessed Stephanie interact with the Best Buddies at USF and it is nothing short of extraordinary. The admiration towards her is widespread and shared by many. She is the definition of remarkable.

  12. Stephanie —

    You weren’t one to “hide your light under a bushel” back at MCHS, but would set forth your principles and beliefs for the whole AP Lit’ class — and now World — to see. I’m proud of your Best Buddies USF initiative!

    Mrs. B.

  13. Jennifer Howard has made a significant impact with the STAGES and Best Buddies program. Because of Jennifer’s leadership and commitment to USF Best Buddies Chapter, the students in the STAGES program are developing friendships and are included in social events. Thank you Jennifer for encouraging USF college students to become more involved with the STAGES students.

  14. Stephanie is like a force. Whatever she puts her mind to, she achieves. Best Buddies and the Disabled Community are lucky to have a fighter like her on their side. She excels in every category…she’s a tenacious student, a hilarious and enjoyable go-getter, an accomplished athlete, an ambitious goal setter, and a warm and trustworthy friend. As her big sister, I can proudly say that I look up to her. Literally and figuratively.

  15. Stephanie is an absolutely “one of a kind” creative original! She is truly a talented and compassionate person. It has been a joy to know Stephanie for the past 8 years and I have no doubt that we are soon to see her most amazing accomplishments!.Stephanie is truly deserving of this prestigious award!

  16. Stephanie is a highly motivated young lady! Her devotion and commitment to her beliefs makes her most deserving of this award!

  17. So proud of Stephanie and the woman she has become. As a marketing professional, I would welcome Stephanie to our industry. She is a fantastic spokesperson and is proving that every day! YOU GO GIRL!!

  18. I Love Stephanie Howard I’m a memeber form Best Buddies/USF&STAGES, and i think she does such a wonderful job. I couldn’t ask for a better president. The 1st day I meet her i knew she had a leadership skills. And yes she is remarkeable person who gets things done on time and has a great heart, and care about others. She is like a Little Big SiSTER to me. (insider) I love you steph.

  19. Ever since becoming a member of alpha delta pi in the fall of 2010, I have looked up to Stephanie Howard as not just an older sister, but as a role model. She is an inspiration to not only college students, but to all people in general, to motivate us to go out and make a difference in our community in any way that we can. Stephanie is a kind and caring person, who would do anything for anyone in need of a helping hand.

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