Ryan Spellins, Finance

The first incoming freshman ever invited to participate in a study abroad program in Panama the summer before starting classes, Ryan Spellins earned his first USF credits overseas.  During the intensive program, he studied Spanish and international business, earning six credits with fellow students in the Bulls Business Community.

In Tampa, Spellins served as Rocky the Bull, USF’s mascot, during his freshman year.  He also participated in nearly every professional development program, community service activity, and networking opportunity offered through the BBC.  He was named “Resident of the Year” in 2009, an honor which eventually led to his appointment as a resident assistant in 2010.  A student assistant in the College of Business Dean’s Office, Spellins was a finalist in the 2008 Elevator Competition.   In addition, Spellins was selected to represent the university as a USF Ambassador, a prestigious honor he has enjoyed for two years.

Spellins recently applied to Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps.  After graduation, he will enter the USMC as a second lieutenant and aims to become a pilot for an FA-18 squadron in Miramar, California.

43 Replies to “Ryan Spellins, Finance”

  1. Querido Ryan!!!

    Te deseo que ganes esta competencia,
    Sabemos que eres el mejor




  2. Estimado Ryan

    Queremos decirte que todos los a*migos de Mexico estamos muy contentos de que participes en este concurso y quiero decirte que todos te apoyamos.


  3. Ryan

    En la fiesta todos estamos de acuerdo de que tu eres el mejor

    Nos encanta tu perfil y todos votamos por ti

    si senor


  4. Ryan:

    De que ganamos, ganamos, tenlo por seguro

    todos te queremos mucho y votamos por ti

    Este el mejor


  5. Y en Italia no nos quedamos atras

    Tambien votamos por Ryan
    amigas nos unimos con ustede para que el ganador sea Ryan

    Maria Zesati

  6. Hola Ryan:

    Pues si en efecto, tu eres el mejor

    Yo tambien voto por ti

    Saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico

    Eres bienvenido

    Maribel Guardia

  7. Definitivamente Amigas:

    Yo pienso tambien que Ryan es el mejor!!!

    Y me echo otra a tu salud mi querido Ryan

    Brindo por tu triunfo

    Maria Chupitos

  8. Orale mi Chupis, no te mandes;

    Que va a pensar de ti el Guerito

    Perdonala Ryan es que se le pasaron los tequilitas

    Pero si yo tambien brindo por tu triunfo

    Eres el mejor

    Maria la Sobria

  9. Ryan:

    Si ya estás hasta aquí en esta competencia, sólo falta que te den el premio.

    Espero que ganes y que seas grandemente bendecido.

    Vero Alonso de México, D.F.

  10. Ryan,

    You have accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. You have and will continue to lead by example and are destined to do great things in our life. As a parent I am so proud of you. Keep up the excellent work you have been doing, you are truly an inspiration to me.

    Love – Dad

  11. DEAR RYAN:
    ¡¡GOOD LOOK!!!


  12. Dios te bendiga Rian desde chile es pero que todas las cosas te salgan bien y puedas salir primero aprobecha las oprotunidades en la vida y no importa cuan lejos lleges siempre camina con humildad te bendigo y creo que mereses ganar

  13. Ryan,
    I am sure you deserve to win this award. I am honored to have met you. You are a hero to me.


  14. Ryan,
    No doubt you have my support! What happened to the CEO of Boeing dream? Is that on the backburner? I will still be needing free miles:o) Good luck buddy!

  15. My dear Ryan, I cant think of anyone more deserving of this honor. You are a wonderful hard-working young man. Your integrity and dedication to anything you commit yourself to is exemplary. I know your will excel and succeed in all your endeavors. Love You

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