Volkan Turan, Finance & Marketing

From starting a lawn mowing business at the age of ten to running a multi-purpose advertising company at the age of 21, Volkan Turan has always been a focused entrepreneur and leader.  His company, Vmax Productions, LLC started with an idea for a YouTube-based car inventorying company.  Now, Turan has turned the company into a successful video-advertising business.

Turan is an active participant in the Corporate Mentor Program and served as an intern for a natural stone wholesaler, Wesfort Corporation.  Two months into the internship, Turan was promoted to sales manager for the firm.  He recently accepted an offer serve as an intern with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Tampa.

A co-founder of  “Tampa Car Meets,” a program where car enthusiasts throughout the Tampa Bay area get together to meet and socialize, Turan was selected to represent USF as a delegate to the Education without Borders Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Turan is one of ten USF students chosen for this highly selective, prestigious honor.

9 Replies to “Volkan Turan, Finance & Marketing”

  1. Volkan is a very ambitious young man with a high enterpreneurial spirit. He is always after new business ideas since the age of 15. I know that he is and will always be very successful.

  2. Ms Howard seem to be breaking down barriers and stereotypes of those with disabilities. Terrific job.

    Jeff Abraham, MBA

  3. Volkan is an absolutely amazing person. Not only he he incredibly creative and well-spirited, he is also always pursuing the next biggest and best. He has started multiple businesses and managed to keep them afloat while maintaining full-time student status.

    If there was ever an outstanding entrepreneur for USF’s 25 under 25 Program, Volkan Turan is most certainly the top candidate.

  4. I voted for this student not only because he is remarkable, but the guy in the video with the orange shirt in the background is awesome.

  5. Volkan is a very motivated and creative individual who will not take “No” for an answer. He has a very charming and inviting personality and is genuine in his business dealings. His utmost goal is to be fair with those who are working with him, no matter what the project. He truly is an exceptional young man with amazing spirit.

  6. Volkan comes from a family of over achievers and he has demonstrated just a bit of his capabilities. This young man will no doubt achieve great things no matter what he does but he should be given this opportunity to excel.

  7. Volkan is a very motivated and courageous young student who already accomplished some entrepreneurship goals for his age. He comes from a very successful family and has peers he looks up to. He will be an excellent candidate for USF’s Entrepreneurship Program.

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