Sahir Quraeshi, Management

Sahir Quraeshi is the co-founder and vice president of Escue Polo Clothing, LLC.  The small, Web-based store manufactures jerseys for polo teams throughout the United States.  Just this year, Quraeshi’s company became the official jersey supplier to the Beijing, Barbados, and Singapore Polo Clubs.

Along with starting his own clothing company, Quraeshi co-founded “Tampa Car Meets,” a program where car enthusiasts throughout the Tampa Bay area get together to meet and socialize.  An avid car racer, the idea began when Quraeshi and several friends started a new student organization on campus.  The club’s meets draw anywhere from 10 to 200 cars and enthusiasts.

In his spare time, Quraeshi volunteers at the Shriners Children’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.  He also collects clothing and hygiene products and hand delivers them to the area’s homeless.

Upon graduation, Quraeshi plans to attend medical school.

15 Replies to “Sahir Quraeshi, Management”

  1. Sahir,

    You were my favorite Queraeshi for a reason. I always knew you had the makings to become a great man. I’m so very proud of you! Keep up with the altruistic practices along with your business genius, and will be a happy and sucessful man all of your life.

  2. i remember he helped me with a lipo suction surgury, he was a natural at it. Sahir Quraeshi definitely deserves to win this.

  3. There is not a person on this list that does not have more brains, capability and heart than Sahir. Knowing him academically, and socially, Sahir has never failed in anything he has set his mind too.

  4. Sahir is one the most intelligent, humble, and kind individuals I have ever met! He is very deserving of this award! There is nothing he can’t do!

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