Sarah Reynolds, Finance

From the moment she stepped onto USF’s campus, Sarah Reynolds knew she wanted to be a part of something big.  She has been a member of Delta Delta Delta, a social sorority, since her freshman year.  She has held various leadership positions in the sorority, such as the vice president of finance, where she was responsible for managing a $120,000 budget, making sure that accounts receivable were collected and checks were sent to local businesses.  She now serves as the vice president of chapter development.   In addition to her involvement in Delta Delta Delta, Reynolds has served as a panhellenic recruitment counselor for the USF Greek system.

Always mindful that academics come first, Reynolds was invited to join Rho Lambda Honorary, a leadership honor society for panhellenic women, and the Order of Omega, an honor society for the top three percent of Greek students at USF.  Reynolds is also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and Phi Sigma Theta National Honor Society as well.

Reynolds was a member of the USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band in 2009-2010, playing as part of USF’s highly competitive drumline.

17 Replies to “Sarah Reynolds, Finance”

  1. You are an amazing young woman, Sarah! You are graduating early in only 3.5 years with a Bachelor’s in Finance. I am so proud of you! All of your leadership positions in high school and college are fantastic. You are the sweetest girl, and to think you are also holding down three jobs! GO SARAH REYNOLDS!

  2. Were I a child I would want you for my role model. As an adult, I am so proud to see you striving always to be the best, with a loving, humble giving spirit. You will never settle for less than the best, and if you ran for President, you would get my vote.

  3. Sarah Reynolds is one of the reasons I am in a Greek organization today. Not only is she a smart woman, she is also a comforting individual who helped her Pi Chi group calm down after facing daily decisions of choosing their “home” during Recruitment last Fall. She’s a remarkable sorority woman, and just a remarkable woman in general. Everyone should vote for her.

  4. Sarah… you are a remarkable young woman and I’m so proud of you. When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

  5. Although I have known Sarah a short time, she has impressed me as being not only smart, but mature and remarkably professional for someone so young. She not only represents USF well now as a role model for young people, her achievements have just begun. She ‘gives back’ and I know she will continue to do so.

  6. Hard to find someone as conscientious, devoted, personable, and multitalented as Sarah. This was a very easy vote to cast!

  7. Sarah, you make USF (and this Alum) very grateful and proud to call you a Bull! You have done SO much in such a short time – little did we know that when Don used to play ‘blast off’ just how far you would go! Much love –

  8. Very impressive young lady, you are! I wish you all the best and I hope my granddaughter, Madison, follows in your footsteps!

  9. Sarah is a very hard working and professional young woman, who has a bright future ahead, indeed. So many accomplishments in such a short time, while also responsibly managing three jobs, and doing well academically. Truly amazing. Good luck, Sarah!

  10. Congratulations Sarah! You certainly are one of the sweetest and most charming girls I met during my time at USF. From an inaugural Top 25 under 25 recipient – you stand out – and deserve this award. Good luck and best wishes!

  11. Sarah,
    You truly are the most genuine and considerate person I ever encountered at USF. I couldn’t be more impressed by one person’s accomplishments. Showing dedication to your studies, while being involved in countless activities has always made you stand out. I knew you were a strong leader as soon as you stepped foot on campus. While studying at USF you have continued to develop your leadership and professionalism. Not to mention that you have been a model student for all that attend USF. Your charismatic and outgoing personality, most definitely had a positive impact on people you worked with and helped. Thanks for being who you are Sarah. You really are a remarkable young woman!

  12. Sarah is one of the few people who trigger the word “success” when I think of her. She has always possessed a sense of self-awareness and leadership with every aspect of her life. As she is finishing another chapter in her life, I know this is only a stepping stone to what is to come of her future and career. I wish her nothing but the best and know this would be well a deserved and appreciated honor.

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