Tiffany Eveld enjoys business and is fascinated by criminal law.  Rather than choose between the two areas, she is pursuing dual degrees. Eveld, who aspires to become an assistant district attorney, is a high-achiever in both.

Eveld works part-time in the BizComm Center where she assists students with writing assignments.  In addition, Eveld is a resident assistant for the Bulls Business Community, where she has lived for three years, as she was admitted to the College of Business as a freshman. As a resident, she participated in countless professional development programs and, in her second year, served as a mentor five freshmen.  As an RA, she helps plan events for the residents, encouraging their participation in charity events such as Relay for Life, the Stampede of Service and canned food drives.

Heeding the advice of faculty who underscore the importance of internships, Eveld held a summer internship at the State Attorney’s Office in Hillsborough County in 2009 for course credit.  She recently secured a summer internship at the District Attorney’s Office in Houston, Texas, an opportunity that office normally reserves for law students.