34 Replies to “Tiffany Eveld, Management and Criminology”

  1. Not only is she “Remarkable”, she is caring; intelligent, godly, and an inspiration. She has all the attributes we would expect in a “Remarkable Student”.

  2. Wow…..You are all grown up now and I’m sure will be super successful. All the pretty smart ones are !!!

    Nice work and keep it going…


  3. Tiffany appears to be not only focused and brilliant, and a concerned citizen.
    John Fountain

  4. I am not surprised at the number of honors you are receiving and will continue to receive. You are such an exceptional young woman! Your future is bright and those touched by your life are blessed!

  5. Way to go Tiff.. U have such a good head on your shoulders and will go far in life.
    Much success to you in your career!

  6. Congratulations Tiffany! Whether or not you get this, you’ve got a big future ahead of you and I’m excited for you. I’m blessed to have such a amazing friend.

  7. We are so proud of you and what you so far have accomplished, and all the hard work and discipline you have shown will certianly pay off………You are a wonderful and beautiful young lady……..A great role model.

  8. Hi from Gale Butler-your dad’s cousin in Texas! I am happy to vote for a strong leader who works hard to contribute and serve others. Congratulations on your many accomplishments. Your drive, talent, and confidence are remarkable. You are worthy to be named one of the top students in the business school.

  9. April 10, 2011
    Congratualtions Tiffany! From all the achievements you have mastered, I know that you will be successful in life for you have the intelligence, diligence and determination to strive to attain and master the high goals you have set for yourself. I am very excited to know of all your honorable accomplishments, and I am certain that you will be receiving many more
    honors in the future. Keep up the outstanding work and enjoy the wonderful satisfaction of knowing you have the qualities of attaining your
    goals in life.

  10. Tiffany, this is a well deserved award and just the beginning of your successful business carear! Congrats!

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